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  1. The Natural Law of European Peoples

  1. The Europeans

The Europeans

“The Origin of the West is The Militia Our laws nothing but mutual insurance. Our Constitution nothing but a contract. A contract is nothing without insurance. That insurance is nothing but the militia. That militia nothing but all able men bearing arms.”

In The Beginning – An Accidental Uniqueness

The uniqueness of the west originated on the steppe, north and east of the black sea, where sometime after the great deluge, two groups of people, empowered by bronze, developed a new understanding of their relationship with nature, and each other. Their first myth was that of the blacksmith, they bargained with the gods, but no longer depended upon them. They could drink milk, and so had forty percent more calories for the same effort than their competitors. Because they forged metal and profited from war, they practiced magic rather than mysticism. They elected their kings and shared plunder. They formed entrepreneurial, contractual, raiding parties for profit – that Vikings, Adventurers, and Pirates would repeat. They used formation, speed, maneuver. And their horses, chariots, and weapons were expensive – the investment of a family in a risky proposition. They directed aggression to the production of commons. They avoided the centralization of power endemic to the alluvial plains and their rivers. And they decimated every population from Spain to the borders of China and spread their language across most of Eurasia, and their descendants across the world. That alone would not differentiate them from the Arabs, Mongols or Turks. But, throughout European history, a young man took some variation of an oath upon his maturity – meaning he had joined the Militia: “I shall not lie, steal, or show cowardice, or strike me dead.” This oath survived throughout our history in every age, in some form or other – until the present era. And this ‘testimony’ this ‘oath’ is the secret of the west: by the combination of technological discipline, oath, contract, risk (battle), military reporting – what we call truthful (empirical) testimony, were judged only by a jury of peers, had an independent judiciary of any headman they chose, the sacredness of that oath as the basis for natural, judge-discovered, common law, a people small in number, against much greater numbers, and much greater wealth will innovate, and adapt to change FASTER if not first, than all other civilizations known to man. This isn’t a romantic literary attempt to glorify conquest, colonialism, raiding (by land), Viking (raiding land by sea), piracy (raiding sea lanes by sea), or the rather exceptional ability of westerners to produce professional warriors supported by a militia that could successfully conduct murderous warfare against superior numbers – largely by discipline and technology. Instead, it’s an effort to explain an accident of history – the necessity of a militia organizing warfare by entrepreneurial – meaning contractual – rather than authoritarian means, and the consequences that evolved from that single necessity. Small differences in great numbers, over long periods, produce vastly different consequences. We are, all of us, in every civilization, anchored in conceptual, linguistic, social, economic, legal, political, and military traditions by strategic paradigms, values, and decisions we are only vaguely unaware of. And throughout our journey together we will slowly acquire an understanding of how vast those differences can be – and how beautiful or terrible the consequences. Because while we may speak to one another and share daily human experiences, we do not share metaphysical (‘what’s real’), conceptual, linguistic, familial, social, economic, political, military, experiences , ideas, or values. And when it comes to truth, trust, reciprocity, and commons, we might as well be aliens from another world. Because of the Oath, and the demand to speak martial truth (reporting) at all times, when the entire male population had be indoctrinated by that oath and the possibility of military participation. We made self sacrifice heroic. Not a drain on one’s status but a contribution to it. The west is exceptional by accident. But it was a glorious accident. The accidental adoption of technology and magic, individual sovereignty, military testimony, the militia, and testimony before one’s peers – because once a group practices sovereignty, evidentiary truth, warranty of one’s words, and rule of law, the result can only be facts, reasonableness, reason, empiricism, science, and technology. And that is what happened. The secret of the west is something we take for granted but it unique to western civilization: truth before face, regardless of impact on the status and dominance hierarchy. Truth as an act of heroism. A contribution to the commons. The direction of dominance expression and direction of profits, to the production of commons.

What Defines ‘European’?

The IE peoples were a mixture of west Eurasians surviving the ice age. The neolithic ended with the proto groups of no less than the Europeans (west), finnics (north-center) caucasian-iranics (center), and Turkics (northeast). There is some disruption around the black sea, likely the deluge, changing the freshwater center of humans in Eurasia, like the freshwater region of south-central Africa where humans evolved. Freshwater to saltwater changes human radiation patterns, particularly into the marshes of the Euphrates in eastern Anatolia northern Mesopotamia. By combining horse, bronze, wheel, The IE expansion occurs due to conflict between the European and caucasian-iranics. Speculation is that this is why the religions bifurcated into those competing with gods (west) and those subject to gods (east). The IE Expansion covered everything from the Tip of Spain to the interior of China. The Eastern IE branches and some migrate east eventually into the Indus river either causing or finishing the collapse of the Indus river civilization, and creating the indo’s or iranic-Dravidians. The other branch migrates south, into today’s Persia, and then backward wast, under the Caspian, into the caucuses. The Levantine Caucasians(black sea) are gone. The original Caucasians(black sea) are almost gone. the Anatolian Caucasians (black sea) are entirely gone. The old European Caucasians (Balkans, black sea) are almost gone. The neolithic farmer population that survived in the Balkans (old Europe), southern Italy, and Sardinia are all that remain. The Western IE expansion eradicated every male, leaving only the females. The Center of cultural development was between the baltic and the black sea in what is today’s Poland and Ukraine. The Aristocracy, in another migration, conquered downward into old Europe – the migration that appears to have caused the bronze age collapse, enslaving the neolithic farmers, creating what we think of as Greece. West Indo Europeans share The Indo European language, Heroic, Militaristic, Expansionist, Paternalistic, Sky Worshipping, Metalworking, entrepreneurial warfare of conquest, using technology professional warriors, horse, and chariot, financed by families, and then profiting from conquest by tripartism: the domestication of human animals from slaves, to freemen, to ‘sovereigns’, under the traditional law of trespass (tort, property), where every man is sovereign, reciprocity the means of dispute resolution, restitution demanded in all but cowardice or adultery – the only capital crimes. Greece was just the first set of Europeans to hold seafaring territory (or flood river plain) so that trade was sufficient that writing and numbers were necessary, and as such, imported like all others, the technologies of The origin of the proto-European Genome is a bottleneck during the ice age. The origin of Ethnic Europeans is Ukraine. (Yamna) The origin of European civilization is Poland. (corded ware) The origin of European WRITTEN thought is Greece The origin of european administration is Rome The conquest of European people was achieved by undermining, with Semitic religions during the migration of the germanic into the void left by Rome’s genocide against the Celts, and pressure from the next steppe migration. But it was the Muslim destruction of trade routes, and every great civilization of the ancient world that destroyed the European economy. And between the church’s spreading of superstition and ignorance and submission, instead of roman spreading of literacy, infrastructure, and trade, Europe suffered the Semitic (Abrahamic) dark ages. The restoration of European trade was Lotharingia (Italy to north sea through Germany), he Viking raids establishing trade to Byzantium,, the german through the north sea and Baltics under the Hansa, the Spanish, French, and English across the Atlantic. The restoration of European thought was the North Sea (England France(geometry-measures instead of just algebra-words), and Scotland). And with the founding of the royal society, science was restored. Until Marx, Boaz, Freud, Adorno, cantor, Derrida, and countless others reformed supernatural Abrahamic deceit into pseudoscientific Abrahamic deceit and sold a new network of false promise and deceit to underclasses, minorities (slaves in the old world) and women – always vulnerable to ‘free stuff’ false promises rather than the burden of darwin’s truths. Aristotle wrote down his people’s way of life by studying constitutions. He did the best he could and no other in human history compared. Plato tried to import Persian tyranny. Socrates tried to import Semitic undermining. Aristotle had both of them to observe and wrote down instead, what had made Europeans achieve: truthful testimony about the world by empirical evidence and empirical evidence alone. Which is exactly what I do now that we no longer are ignorant of the physical laws of the universe. So, no more lies.

European Civilization

European Civilization Consists in: The Indo European language, Heroic, Militaristic, Expansionist, Paternalistic, Sky Worshipping, Metalworking, entrepreneurial warfare of conquest, using technology professional warriors, horse, and chariot, financed by families, and then profiting from conquest by tripartism: the domestication of human animals from slaves, to freemen, to ‘sovereigns’, under the traditional law of trespass (tort, property), where every man is sovereign, reciprocity the means of dispute resolution, restitution demanded in all but cowardice or adultery – the only capital crimes. European Civilization consists in Heroism and Competition, Cunning and Maneuver, Technology and Innovation, Excellence and Beauty, Promise and Contract, Sovereignty and Reciprocity, Truth before face and Duty before Self, The Natural Law of Tort and Jury, The Accumulation of Common Law and the Incremental suppression of Parasitism, and the resulting service of one another by competition in markets in all aspects of life; the direction of proceeds to the production of capital commons, and the continuous rapid evolution of European man as a result.  Europeans dragged man kicking and screaming out of superstition, ignorance, poverty, starvation, hard labor, disease, suffering, child mortality, early death, heat, cold, and the chaos of a natural world all but hostile to human life. Aristocratic Egalitarianism.  The Cult of Sovereignty is that only heroes can bear.

The Group Evolutionary Strategy of The European Peoples: Adaptation.

  1. Maneuver: Rapid Adaptation
  2. Militia and Entrepreneurial Warfare, …. contractual pursuit of warfare, …. technology, and maneuver. …. to compensate for inferior numbers.
  3. The Returns on the domestication of the animal man, such that some may rise to increase our numbers.
  4. The Direction of Dominance Expression to the Production of Returns on Commons.
  5. The use of natural eugenics of direction the proceeds of production to the production of commons.
  6. The Asymmetric returns of investments in the Returns on Commons.
  7. The most expensive common of which are high trust norms and the resulting velocity therefrom – and that no other peoples have or have sought to produce.

Our Warfare

Small Numbers, Technology Entrepreneurial Oath, Promise, Contract, Formation, Persistence Speed (Adaptation), Maneuver, Settle Problems Early, Before Numbers Accumulate (compare with china, India) (list generations of warfare)  

Our Strategy

Organizing Society For The Continuous Production of Agency

Our Metaphysics

( … ) Metallurgy, Magic, Gods

Our Aesthetics

( … )

Our Method

Sovereignty, reciprocity, truth, excellence, beauty, heroism, duty, rule of law and jury, and markets in all aspects of life, where the market for suppression of parasitism we call the law, and the market for reciprocity in the production of goods, services, and information, evolve as rapidly as possible, thereby advancing productive innovations in each other’s interests, and suppression innovations in parasitism against others interests, in exchange for suppressing the rates of reproduction of the underclasses, thereby allowing us to divert surplus proceeds of our production to the commons and the higher returns for all from those commons, the most important of which are truth before face, promise, contract, trust, warranty, economic and innovative velocity, and the prosperity, joy, and peace of mind that results from them.

Our Law

( … )

Our Testimony

Truthful testimony regardless of subject, regardless of cost, warrantied by due diligence against ignorance, error, bias, fraud, and deceit, by the demand for consistency, correspondence, operational possibility, rational choice by the actors involved, full accounting of cause and consequence, and the most parsimonious (simple) of those arguments that survive.

Our Government

( … )

Our Economies

( … )

Our Commons

( … ) (societies)

Our Discourse

( … ) Only Superior Solutions not Criticisms (market competition only)

Our Families and Marriage

( … )

Our Manners


Our Dress


Our Selves

( … )

Our Price

( … ) Eugenics.

Our Religion

A religion provides mindfulness (debt-free, or credit) from internal and external debt stresses, at different scales, by delivering a system of measurement by which to judge and account for one’s thoughts words and deeds, providing the pre-rational brain with calm (sedation) and relaxation sufficient for dreaming, daydreaming, restive action, energetic action, interpersonal and political action without worry – which causes stress by drawing attention to the debts. It is difficult to accept that this is the source of all religious emotion – the safety of a pack having completed a hunt, celebrated, shared, feasted and resting together. But that is the origin of it. Religions provide a means of reducing stresses on the neuro-emotional economy, with a range of services that suppress the intuitive impulse for worrying about debts to others whether real or imagined, and the feeling of safety, security, peace, elation, and even euporia through practice – which trains (eventually) the intuition out of habitual worry the intensity of which is a product of our genetics, gender, and early development. As the division of labor increases. As our prosperity increases with it. As our differences in our ability to learn and work with complexity increase. And as we increasingly specialize in empathic personal (faith), Rational Social (Traditional), and Empirical Political (Scientific, economic, legal) our demand for the services of religion also specializes with the rest of our paradigms of thought (empathy, reason,  science). Furthermore, as our prosperity increases we find less demand for and value in any monopoly of those religious services,, and more value in a market for them. As such we find ourselves ‘sorting’ into groups with shared interests. Why? Because under small hunter-gatherer communities we speciated in into differences. Under agrarianism, we synthesized our differences (paganism). Under imperial agrarianism, we imposed religion(monotheism) to eliminate differences so that we could be rules without conflict and taxed by priests and state for profit more easily. but with the arrival of industrialization and now technological innovation we are wealthy enough that we can afford to and desire to pursue our genetic and cultural preferences.  And as such we return to speciation and a desire for the services of religion that assist us in re-speciation. And there is no reason not to. And in doing so restore the market for ideas and bearing the consequence of employing those ideas – good or bad.  And the evidence is that only gypsies, Judaism, Islam, migration, and colonization are bad. The rest – Hindu, Christianity-paganism, east Asian nationalism are good. And Africa is trying to build out of pan Africanism – and they have not had the time – and are too ready to blame others rather than reform themselves. Religious Spectrum 1. Psychological Discipline (mindfulness) 2. Hearth Religion (Birth, Oath, Marriage, and Death) 3. Integrated (folk) religion (mythology, paganism, social) 4. Conspiratorial (institutional) religion (priesthood, temples, political) 5. Competing Religion (church, divisive, dividing) 6. undermining religion (resisting, undermining) 7. enemy religion (conquesting)
Function              Market
..................... personal, familial, social, political, warfare
...(debt account)
.. debts kin (dead)
.. debts nature
.. debts social
.. debts political
.. profits political 

Between the Jews and Our Byzantine Church they produced a hostile, conquering religion  – but it failed, as a political religion, and devolved first into a competing religion (catholicism), then to a conspiratorial religion (Protestantism) and is currently devolving into a folk religion under American evangelical Protestantism – a ‘faith’ rather than an organized religion. The next step in the evolution of, and restoration of our religion is to i) eradicate hostile competing religions, i) divide Christianity into faithful(supernatural) feminine, traditional (rational), and empirical (scientific) factions, and then iii) to restore our ancestral (masculine) hero-worship (thanks) by feasts, and festivals, monuments, and temples,  which will over time, on their own organic incentives, evolve into a restorative religion of our people (nation and races), completing our recovery from Alexander’s Curse, of crossing the Bosphorus and bringing oriental monopoly, authority, and deceit into western markets, meritocracy, and truth. Our religion, like our civilization, is in the process of transformation and rebirth just when our ancient enemy has brought us an innovative pseudoscientific sophomoric and denialist, secular theology in the forms of Jewish Marxism, postmodernism, feminism, and denialism, while also giving license to an unreformed absolutist superstitious sophomoric, consumptive, dysgenic religion – Semitic Islam.


The Faustian Spirit: (German Legend ~1400?) A literary allusion to the western predilection for experiment, change, and achievement. Again, this tells us almost nothing about causality, only the description of a few values. Aryanism: (19th Century) Associating the name of set of tribes with their strategy, telling us nothing about the constitution of their strategy. Aristocratic Egalitarianism: (Duchesne ~2010) A descriptive title of a military and political strategy that states that distributed rule of peers can scale by opening the franchise for participation in rule, and its benefits (property and commissions/taxes) is open to all who will pay for it by demonstrating merit in family, industry, and war. (compare to the Chinese method of entering the bureaucracy through examination and the consequences thereof) Aryanism as Markets for Rule: (Duchesne) A descriptive insight expanding upon Aristocratic Egalitarianism, by adding that aryanism spread through the construction of markets for polities.  Sovereignty. (Doolittle) A causal description. Since by the demand for sovereignty one can only scale through aristocratic egalitarianism, and one is limited to the resolution of conflicts by natural law of reciprocity, meaning that all association, cooperation, reproduction, production, production of commons, and production of polities must be achieved through sovereign, productive, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary exchange, free of negative externality. And By the combination of sovereignty, natural law, markets in everything, the need to scale, the provision of scale through the selection for agency, and thereby the incremental domestication of man, transcends man through imitation of sovereignty, reward for agency and sovereignty, and the deprivation and diminution of those who lack agency, cannot act in sovereign fashion, and therefore cannot cooperate via markets, and therefore cannot participate in rule. And that is the CAUSE of western civilization. For a militia of voluntary warriors, desirous of preservation of their sovereignty, Sovereignty is the only political solution, leading to natural law and markets in everything.  

Political Economy

( … mixed economy)  


I advocate universal nationalism. Why? Because natural law judges it as the only not-immoral means of cooperation. But that doesn’t tell you much. Instead, I advocate universal nationalism because under it, “all men are distant relations cooperating to raise their people by the production of commons information, goods, and services, best suited to doing so despite our differences in rate of development bias in temperament and bias in the distribution of abilities.” And if we construct states as extensions of the family, household, clan, tribe, and nation, we have elites who serve the interests of their people on their terms, and the smallest proximity-to-influence-and power that is possible. And we ameliorate our differences not through politics, power, and commons, but through trade of information, goods, and services. I if we do otherwise, under globalism, we put those people into competition, where there is one small global elite with interest in one another, and with a powerless host of common people suffering their rule. So there is no system of rule superior to universal nationalism, with tolerance for migration of elites for trade purposes – but prohibiting them from local political enfranchise and social involvement and public speech.”–

Universal Ethnocentrism

  1. The optimum group strategy is ethnocentrism.
  2. The optimum political strategy is political ethnocentrism.
  3. The optimum economic strategy is intolerance for competition against ethnocentricity,
  4. The optimum legal strategy is rule of law (reciprocity) that enforces non defection against ethnocentrism by a prohibition on internalization of costs and externalization of returns.(Socialization of costs, and privatization of commons).
As far as I know, it is impossible to find evidence or argue logically, otherwise. Everything else is a justification for parasitism by the commercial complex, religious-academy complex, or the state-tax complex. The left violates every one of those principles in order to dismantle meritocracy and ethnocentrism and to reduce us to socialist poverty – the poverty that ethnocentrism and rule of law evolved to raise us out of. This is the problem with the American Model of a Purely Market Society: without ethnocentrism, it is simply suicidal, since, without limitations, the commercial, religious-academic, and state-tax-bureaucracy are incentivized to destroy the host population. (And therefore they do). The Returns on Ethnocentrism are multiples of every other possible strategy. Just how it is.

The Secret of Western Civilization

MANEUVER, VELOCITY, ADAPTATION, SOVEREIGNTY, RECIPROCITY, TRUTH, DUTY, AND MARKETS The West – Adaptive Velocity The secret to western civilization, being a small, relatively poor population on the edge of the bronze age, is that by the choice of voluntary militia, military tactics of maneuver requiring contractualism, and heroic sovereignty (ownership of gains), we necessitated natural law, and markets in everything. And as a consequence the west was not first, but in every era we were fastest. In other words, truth, promise(contract), natural law, and jury allow us to adapt faster than every other known method of human cooperation. European Strategy is:
  • Competitive Excellence (Success) by,
  • … the Continuous Production of Agency;
  • … through continuous invention, continuous adaptation, and continuous domestication, regardless of costs to the status, competence, dominance hierarchy – whether the self, family, or leadership;
… by the combination of:
  • Heroism, and;
  • Truth Regardless of Consequences to the Status, Competence, and Dominance Hierarchy – whether the self, family or leadership and;
  • Duty Regardless of Consequences to the self and family;
  • Sovereignty and Reciprocity including reciprocal insurance of sovereignty and reciprocity regardless of costs to the self and family;
… leaving the only possible rules of cooperation as:
  • The Rule of Law, The Law of Tort (property), the Independent Judiciary, and;
  • Markets (meritocracy) in every aspect of life: association, cooperation, reproduction, production, commons, elites, grammars, group strategy, polities, group and war;
… resulting in:
  • Seeking and Finding of Pareto Optimums, in all markets;
  • The upward redistribution of reproduction, defeating regression to the mean;
  • And the rapid transformation of men into the gods they imagined in the Neolithic, bronze, iron, and steel ages.
|EUROPEAN GROUP STRATEGY| Transcendence > Innovation > Heroism(Risk) > Sovereignty >  Truth, > Duty > Reciprocity > Natural Law > Markets in Everything > The Most Rapid Adaptation Possible > The best evolutionary strategy possible – if you have the demographics for it.
|MARKETS IN EVERYTHIG| Association > Cooperation > Production > Reproduction > Commons > Classes > Elites > Grammars > Polities > Group Strategy
  (Enumerate and define Each Property Above Here, in conversational form)   (Enumerate markets in everything here)

Tripartism and Tripartism Extended: The Market Between The Classes


1 “THOSE WHO FIGHT” (Military, Judiciary, Sheriffs) Those Who Enforce The Natural Law 2 “THOSE WHO PRAY” (Academy) Those Who Teach The Natural and Physical Laws 3 “THOSE WHO LABOR” (Lower middle, Working, Laboring) Those Who Labor Under The Natural and Physical Laws

Generation Two – Modernity

1 – “THOSE WHO FIGHT” (Military, Judiciary, Sheriffs) Those Who Enforce The Natural Law 2 – “THOSE WHO PRAY” (Academy) Those Who Teach The Natural and Physical Laws 3 – “THOSE WHO ORGANIZE” (Middle Class) Those Who Organize Those Who Labor Under the Natural and Physical laws 4 – “THOSE WHO LABOR” (Lower middle, Working, Laboring) Those Who Labor Under The Natural and Physical Laws

Generation Three – 20th Century

1 – “THOSE WHO FIGHT” (Military, Judiciary, Sheriffs) Those Who Enforce The Natural Law 2 – “THOSE WHO PRAY” (Academy, Media) Those Who Teach The Natural and Physical Laws 3 – “THOSE WHO ORGANIZE” (Middle Class) Those Who Organize Those Who Labor Under the Natural and Physical laws 4 – “THOSE WHO LABOR” (Lower middle, Working, Laboring) Those Who Labor Under The Natural and Physical Laws 5 – “THOSE WHO BIRTH” Those Who Labor To Birth and Care Under the Natural and Physical Laws.


The Culture that Suppresses Free-Riding

In economic terms, a discount, is any reduction that you can obtain from the full cost of something under perfect circumstances. This may seem like a confusing terminology, but in economics, the terminology developed for discussing commodities and commodity prices. Commodities are defined where only price determines the difference between one unit and another. Objects that are not commodities, say are used cars. Unless you have a complete video record of the history of the vehicle, it’s not possible to really know what you’re buying and the seller is in a similar position. Horses are even worse since they cannot easily be ‘repaired’. Stolen goods are something yet again. You can buy something very cheaply but that discount comes at a price. Lying is another way to get a discount in an exchange. So a discount is anything you can do or apply to modify a price where you are fully informed and there is no marginal difference between units because you are fully informed. The ANF North Sea social model, is a moral strategy, for the TOTAL SUPPRESSION of ALL DISCOUNTS thereby forcing all individuals into the market and suppressing the reproduction of those that cannot compete in it. Those discounts, in economic terms are:

1. Violence (asymmetry of force) 2. Theft (asymmetry of control) 3. Fraud (false information) 4. Omission (Omitting information) 5. Obscurantism (Obscuring information) 6. Obstruction (Inhibiting someone else’s transaction) 7. Externalization (externalizing costs of any transaction) 8. Free Riding (using externalities for self benefit) 9. Socializing Losses (externalization to commons) 10. Privatizing Gains (appropriation of commons) 11. Rent Seeking (organizational free riding) 12. Corruption ( organized rent seeking) 13. Conspiracy (organized indirect theft) 14. Extortion (Organized direct theft) 15. War (organized violence)

The North Sea (Protestant) model suppresses ALL of these, including the ability to seek support from one’s family. It is a unique moral code. The moral code consists in:

1. Requirement for Individual Sovereignty 2. Requirement for Voluntary Exchange 3. Requirement for Speaking the Truth 4. Requirement for Symmetry of knowledge (the whole truth) 5. Requirement for Warranty as proof of Due Diligence 6. Requirement for proof of work (you must add value to a thing to profit from it.) 7. Prohibition on familial, tribal, and political free riding and rents. 8. Right of exclusion (boycott, and ostracization)

Sovereignty: perfect (exceptionless) reciprocity by perfect (exceptionless) reciprocal insurance, in numbers sufficient to deny violations of reciprocity to all possible (exceptionless) extant numbers. Perfect Reciprocity: limiting one’s actions to productive, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary transfer of property – in – toto, limited to productive externalities. Demonstrated Interest: ergo, leaving only homesteading, transformation, and exchange, as a means of obtaining an interest. Synonym: monopoly share (a possession), proportional share (citizenship in a commons), proportional share (private in a common contract), demonstrated share ( a denial of opportunity( such as norms and traditions) Property in Toto: That in which one has expended any resource with intent to obtain an interest, without imposing a cost on that which another has expended a resource with the intent to obtain an interest. Synonym: ‘demonstrated property’ Resource: life, body, effort, time, attention, kin, material possession, material interest (share), organizational interest, normative interest, institutional interest, informational interest. Synonym: “capital”. Yields: Possession(insured by self defense) > consensual property (insured by reciprocity) > normative property(insured by normative enforcement) > property right (insured by third party enforcement) > natural right(ideal between government and citizens) or human right(ideal between governments). Technically speaking, under rule of law, under natural judge-discovered common law, under perfect reciprocity (sovereignty), natural rights can be brought into existence. Under these conditions it is possible to create sovereignty-in-fact, liberty-by-permission, freedom-by-utility, and subsidy-by-preference.

The Dirty Secret of Western Civilization

(eugenics) Yamnaya Expansion Scandinavian living conditions Anglo Saxon Law Manorialism Medieval corporatism English Revolution

Oppression Myth

You were not oppressed. You were domesticated.

Soft Eugenics

—How is eugenics a mode of thought not comparable to race? Especially given the social and economic divides amongst ethnicities?— S.
Because eugenics is the study of individuals using the properties of individuals while race applies properties of a class to all individuals represented or not by those properties. 1 – One can judge an individual by the properties of its class (racism) 2 – One can judge a class by the properties of its individuals (racialism). 3 – Or one can judge individuals by the properties of each individual (eugenics). The first is simply non-logical and immoral. The second is logical, moral, but in-actionable The third is simply logical, moral, and actionable. Eugenics of some sort is necessary for shared prosperity. I prefer paying the underclasses not to breed, and not paying them and sterilizing them if they do, and eliminating the migration of labor to capital and requiring the migration of capital to labor instead; maintaining as close to a homogenous society as possible. If we have small states with these policies we will have marginal inequality – inequality is necessary for the organization of invention, investment, production, distribution, trade, and savings. But people disproportionately resist redistribution when it consists of parasitism. Women have a genetic ‘incompetence’ in political matters as they evolved to protect their offspring and other women’s offspring REGARDLESS of their merit as a means of surviving their ‘ownership’ by competing bands of males. So just as men are noticeably incompetent with childrearing, women are noticeably incompetent with political matters. Even if it’s uncomfortable, the data on the 20th century is in: women happily destroy civilization due to their reliance upon internal intuitionistic incompetence designed to produce irrational behavior: the birthing, care and preservation of children in the presence of warring males, and the need to demonstrate submission and to and share with other women as a means of work-sharing, risk reduction, and maintaining group cohesion against existing and invading males. Women see us men as the enemy. That is why feminists sound like they do. It may be true that we are an enemy of their parasitism. But we are far less of an enemy than the enemy they import into our nations through the misapplication of their genetically produced political incompetence which is a side effect of the need to care for an extremely costly, annoying child, over which she may or may have not had much control in the selection of fathers, and even when she did, it was impulsive and speculative rather than reasoned – and most often selected by familiarity and empathy rather than understanding and judgment. A mother’s love is blind for a reason. It must be. A reasonable creature would walk away from an offspring that requires five to seven years of high-cost maintenance to reach minimum self-sufficiency, and twice that for maturity. But her blindness applies not only to her children and her peer’s children but to anything that she can imagine.  

Specializing In The Production Of Commons

HUMAN CAPITAL BEING THE MOST IMPORTANT COMMONS ( ………. ) easier to rule idiots En masse. better to raise talent in small numbers.

The European Version of High Investment Parenting: The Polity

( … ) jews vs Europeans vs Muslims vs Hindus vs Chinese what is our high investment parenting? FOR RETURNS ON COMMONS

Civilizational Production of Agency

ARISTOCRACY CONSISTS IN THE INSTITUTIONAL PRODUCTION OF AGENCY Aristocracy: the production of Agency (peers) by the incremental suppression of parasitism, by the use of the common law, leaving no option for survival but market production: the civilization-wide industrialization of the domestication of the animal man, for fun and profit.

Definition: Agency

Agency is the capacity for human beings to identify opportunities and make choices that are consistent, correspondent, existentially possible, and coherent with and within reality, and to act upon them, unimpeded by knowledge limitation (ignorance), intellectual limitation(intelligence), mindfulness limitation (impulse), physical limitations(body), instrumental limitations(technologies), resource limitations, the impediments of others and their organizations into norms, laws, institutions, polities, and armies. Perfect agency would require omniscience, omnipotence, and complete insulation from impulse. As an example, God would have perfect agency, because would have perfect knowledge(omniscience), perfect reason, perfect emotions, perfect mindfulness, perfect ability to act (omnipotence), unlimited resources, and no competition, no need to cooperate, and therefore no need for conventions, laws, institutions, or infrastructure. As humans we have imperfect knowledge, imperfect reason, imperfect mindfulness, imperfect emotions, limited range of actions, limited resources, and we live in a world where we must compete, must cooperate to compete, and to do so require conventions, laws, institutions, and infrastructure. So, Agency consists of the degree to which one approaches perfect ability to act, when not limited by knowledge, reason, emotions, mindfulness, range of action, available instrumentation, available resources, competition, cooperation, conventions, laws, institutions and infrastructure. Given we can never have unlimited knowledge, unlimited resources, and we have limited ability to be free of competition, need for cooperation, conventions, laws, institutions, and infrastructure, we can seek largely to improve our knowledge, reason, mindfulness, and assets so that we maximize our agency within the available limits. CONVERSELY (VIA NEGATIVA) Remove sources of lack of fitness, lack of character (virtue), lack of resources, sources of normative and institutional resistance, sources of ignorance, error, bias, and deceit – all the impediments to agency – and agency will result. Then selecting a philosophy – a means of decidability – by which one can obtain one’s ends, and an aesthetic that values one’s passions in accordance with that philosophy.
Agency = Potential Energy Agency = potential energy (PE) Force = applied energy (F) Event = Impulse (Imp), [force vector + temporal dimension] Consequence = displacement vector (s) Action = work (W) Externalities = Waste heat (h) W = F * s.
Scale of Demonstrated [& Permitted] Agency*
... ... ... ... ... (0) Sovereign (Aristocracy)(Peerage)
... ... ... ... (1) Vassal (Nobility)
... ... ... (2) Tradesman (Burgher) 
... ... (3) Craftsman (Freeman) 
... (4) Laborer (Serf)
(5) Dependent (Slave)

(by Ferdinand Pisaro)
*With an increase in agency (demonstrated by the scale that an agent can act in) an agent rises through the spectrum of classes. And as an agent gains status the scope of his action increases because he has demonstrated to his peers that he posses the agency to act at his respective scale without producing negative externalities.


Retaliation against impositions upon that in which an agent has invested (paid a cost). As an agent rises in the spectrum of demonstrated-agency, the portfolio of his property increases, and so to the permitted defense he can field. The cost of Peerage/Sovereignty is paid by a deposit of violence and the granting of reciprocal insurance against impositions of cost upon property-en-toto. Complete-Peerage requires perfect reciprocity, including the requirement for symmetrical information. Thus dispute-resolution between peers requires warrantied, truthful testimony—that is, decidability in dispute resolution amongst peers requires the construction of judicial defense. Aristocracy limits the self-defense of non and semi-peers to the scale merited by the agent’s respective scope of action and thus property. Thusly, just an agent moves from:
slave > serf >freeman > burgher > vassal > sovereign 
…he is permitted to engage in self-defense from:
none > body > body & parcel (home)> body & productive capital > 
body & territorial capital (fiefdom) > body & polity.
And as we decrease in scale, legal decidability is provided by the proportional immediacy of the risk/threat/cost posed to body & property. Extending beyond one’s permission to defend property in a manner proportional to scale is met with (judicial) retaliation. So those granted limited self-defense, by permission of the sovereign, must do so under the conditions deemed appropriate by the sovereign. And since retaliation-cycles decrease the value of the sovereigns holdings, the sovereign has an incentive to suppress the cost imposed on his holdings by requiring that disputes be settled by jurors (peers) & judge.

Western Civilization Is a Technology and An Industry

–”Western Civilization’s Aristocracy, or ‘Aristocratic Egalitarianism”, is not a religion, or a philosophy, or a government – it is a technology and an INDUSTRY. And it is by use of this industry we have profited by dragging the beast-man out of his parasitic past on the margins of nature – out of ignorance, mysticism, poverty, starvation, disease, labor, and suffering, and into the transcendent mastery of himself, nature, and increasingly, the universe. We domesticated the animal man for profit. It is our chief industry. It always has been. And the ungrateful have resisted us in every era. They prefer to feed on our productions, commons, institutions, and inventions, but not suffer our domestication in exchange..–  
[] = Agency: The postmodern, feminist marxist definition places no responsibility on the individual, and entirely upon others. “The Capacity of individuals to act independently and to make their own free choices subject to personal or external limitations. By contrast, *structure* refers to those factors that determine or limit an individual and his or her decisions, such as gender, social class, ethnicity, religion, customs, education, economic institutions, government, propaganda, ability, knowledge, ignorance, error, bias, wishful thinking, and deceit. Meaning that one’s agency is determined by the combination of beneficial institutions, abilities, and knowledge and inhibiting institutions, abilities, and knowledge.”

European Racial Differences

European white subrace is DEMOGRAPHICALLY superior, and because it is demographically superior, it is institutionally and culturally superior, which is why it’s economically technologically and militarily superior. That’s because the single best thing you can do to advance your population is shrinking your working, lower, and underclass populations such that the median ability of individuals per calorie of production per capita allows the highest investment in individuals while preserving the rate of return. (a mouthful but it’s not that complicated.) Whether White Europeans are genetically superior is questionable. Of the SUBRACES, only Han/Korean/Japanese, and White Europeans have succeeded in (a) reducing the size of the underclass, and (b) reduced the rate and depth of sexual maturity. The Ashkenazi have in addition, (c) reversed sexual dimorphism which has proven an interesting and novel strategy. But this domestication of the human-animal has had consequences. The East Asians have been the most successful at limiting sexual maturity, and may, in fact, have surpassed the benefit of doing so, but they have gained longer lifespans and somewhat superior health because of it. They appear to have superior memories in addition which accounts for their academic performance. Unfortunately, they have culturally selected for intolerance for challenges to the status hierarchy (preferring stagnation). The Europeans have transferred female morphological traits to males but maintained high sexual dimorphism despite lower levels of testosterone than all but East Asians. The Ashkenazi have transferred female superiority in verbal expression to males, at the expense of the consequences of transferring other normatively female traits to males such as a much higher incidence of homosexuality. They have selected for disruption of the host population’s dominance hierarchy while retaining the use of the female preference for internal equality. Effectively the Ashkenazi have adopted the female reproductive strategy and it appears they have genetically adapted to it as well. (Studying their use of this strategy has been interesting in that it illustrates the range of what is possible through selective expression of gender traits.) The rest of the world populations have been unable to reduce the scale of their working, lower, and underclasses sufficiently to lower demographic resistance to improving their institutions both formal and informal – particularly improving their higher incidences of corruption. Moreover, some information systems and some ideas prohibit the improvement of knowledge just as the lower and working classes inhibit the improvement of formal and informal institutions. So once we have analyzed the successes of the European, Ashkenazi, and East Asian populations we are left with the same problem for everyone else: demographic distribution is so heavy on the bottom that the top cannot develop a means of organizing society using incentives (cheap) rather than force (expensive) to produce goods, services, and information necessary to raise them out of ignorance, superstition, and poverty. The reason for European white sub-races success in the ancient and modern world was made possible by rather obvious factors: 1 – the location between the steppe which provided the horse, Europe which provided the wheel, and the Armenians who provided bronze technology. The mobility provided by the combination of these technologies made it possible to replace the European population almost entirely as it moved westward. And to conquer the older peoples as they moved eastward and southward. Encountering the older peoples, they preferred to rule then integrate with them, and have largely disappeared as other than genetic contributors. 2 – Farming on the European plain is reasonably fruitful given the growing season but ruling it more difficult than the concentration of production in river valleys and it’s longer growing seasons. Even if less difficult than the near impossibility of ruling the steppe and desert pastoral people for whom fixed capital is nearly impossible to hold, and therefore threaten, rule, and tax. So where the fertile crescent, North Indian, and Chinese river valley civilizations could develop through central control of production, and extraction of rents. And where they could count on trade routes across the warmer parts of the globe, Europeans could not so easily concentrate capital without seafaring. And steppe and desert people could not do so at all. This is why these civilizations developed in order. 3 – The European winters that are harsh enough that those lacking sufficient physical, emotional, intellectual, and reproductive desirability cannot survive the vicissitudes of nature. And conversely, whereas people in warm climates benefit from rapid maturity in order to survive disease gradients, people in cold climates benefit from slower maturity in order to invest in higher discipline and industriousness. So for all intents and purposes those people who lack industriousness in northern climes could not survive, and those people in equatorial climes required early maturity to survive. 4 – Both East Asians (Han, Korean, Chinese) and Europeans (Atlantics, Celts, Germanics, Scandinavians, Baltics, Slavs, Southern Slavs, ) were successful because of lack of neighboring competitors. Everyone left in Europe after the Aryan migration was kin or near kin. The Chinese had their civil wars early and solidified control of the strip of green along the pacific. This condition selected for lower clannishness. However, in the middle east, European forest, river, and sea people, Levantine sea and desert people, indo-Iranian and their MANY offshoots across the middle east, central Asia and North Africa, and the Semitic people’s of inland and peninsula as well as sub-Saharan Africans all competed and developed extraordinary clannishness. And worse, since the steppe and desert people, always behind, always lacking capital, always mobile, and always the world’s terrorist underclass, disrupted the east, west, and south until the Byzantines and the Persians had exhausted themselves, and they were caught by the desert expansion of the Arabs from the south. 5 – This clannishness or lack of it, number of non-kin neighbors, rate and depth of sexual maturity, balance of sexual dimorphism, and scale of the underclass, as well as the traditions necessary to form political orders in the concentrated river (great/Fertile Crescent), distributed forest and rivers(good/east and west), and fragmentary steppe and desert (bad/north and south), or the inability to participate in Eurasian trade routes (sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Americas) describes the primary reason for empirical consequences of racial differences, caused largely by demographic adaptation to regional demands. 6 – However, east, center, and west, developed three very different intellectual traditions. The east developed ritualism, observation, and reason. Not religion as we understand it. Not science, logic, or rationalism as we understand it, not necessarily philosophy as we understand it, but observation, reason, accounting, and many technologies. They developed a society largely a literature of reason. The aristocratic center developed Zoroastrianism, which we can call religious literary tradition, and relied upon that as their philosophical framework. This decision was to have profound consequences. They developed the conflation of supernatural religion and philosophy as their literature. The slaves (jews) conflated supernatural and philosophical literature, with their law and history, and developed authoritarian supernatural mysticism – beginning with Abrahamism which split into Judaism ( middle class administrative), Christianity (working-class Levantine and roman), and Islam (underclass steppe and desert). religions. This decision was to have profound consequences. Because of Islam for the past 1400 years, and Judaism in the form of Marxism/Communism, Abrahamism has been second only to the black plague in accumulated deaths throughout all of history. (really). The west retained paganism, rather than ritualism, or monotheism, and partly, for this reason, they practiced deflation in every discipline. Meaning that religion, holidays, festivals, philosophy, politics, and law, were separate disciplines. And meaning that governments were merely collections of noble families negotiating their common interests, with a leader generally chosen as headman, chieftain, or king. So in the west, quite by accident, the debate between equals, evolved into common law, the method of argument into reason, and reason into philosophy and philosophy into science. And the reason this was possible was because the military aristocracy cooperated contractually – voluntarily – for the common good, and enfranchised men into the military to increase their numbers, and indoctrinating them into the western way of war. The western way of war required maneuver, and contract, between nobility and their followers. And soldiers learned to ‘report’ or ‘testify’ – reporting empirically without color, loading, of framing – or men die. In other words, westerners discovered what we call empirical (meaning observable) truth and institutionalized it. And instead of ‘truth’ being a threat to the existing arbitrary dominance hierarchy, truth was a respectable means of climbing the dominance hierarchy. So between deflationary institutions, argumentative reason, contractualism, common law, jury, testimony, and the value of truthful speech, the west was able to adapt, innovate, faster than the rest of the surrounding civilizations despite inferior numbers, being poorer, and being on the remote edge of the far more mature bronze-age civilizations. The Justinian Plague and the Arab Conquest of the Mediterranean, and generations of piracy, raids, and slave trading of Europe by the Muslims caused the dark ages, more so than the germanics who wanted to join the empire. But despite the failures of the Merovingians and the franks, by the 700’s the north sea peoples had started to develop a sufficient trade system to create enough wealth to lose their dependence upon overland trade with the Mediterranean. So by 700’s we see bipartite manorialism which results in the near-total replacement of the underclass by downwardly mobile members of the genetic middle class. By the high middle ages we see the development of academies and consistent trade routes. Then the import of greek and roman thought as persecuted intellectuals fled the Arab conquest of the Byzantines. And by the late middle ages, the Hansa (germanic north sea) civilization would develop, above the Hajnal line, creating what we call ‘the puritan ethic’ and the ‘absolute nuclear family’ and ‘government by rule of law’; rule without rulers. That’s really the answer. Westerners discovered deflationary truth, which allowed them to adapt to change faster, and they succeeded as did the Chinese in aggressive killing off of the underclass through manorialism, hanging 1% of the population per year, plagues, winter starvation, and war. In other words, it’s not that western peoples are better. It’s that the people who were not good in the west are nearly gone.

Why Are Most White People Richer Than Non-whites?

Greater success at reproductive juvenilization. We are not sure why other than that slowing the rate of maturity is possible in colder climates, whereas accelerating the rate of maturity in warmer clients is necessary for no other reason than to survive the higher incidence of disease, parasites, and predators. Greater success at aggressive culling the size of the underclasses. While it is impolitic to say so, the wealth or poverty of a people is more dependent upon the reduction and elimination of the underclasses than it is upon the production of exceptional people and education. A good rule of thumb is that every person at the bottom is six times as costly as every person at the top is productive. Greater success at eliminating the clannishness impulse. Again, we are not sure if this is an artifact of low population density and cold climates, or purely one of cultural forces influence reproductive choice. In either event, white people (to their detriment) are less tribal and clannish. For reasons we are just beginning to understand, the west made very different cultural choices. (a) telling the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth as highest virtue, despite any impact it would have on the dominance hierarchy. (b) Sovereignty and Markets in Everything creating a market for polities, and polities led by markets, rather than monopolistic hierarchies. As a consequence a division of the state into different institutions that competed with one another. This led to deflationary literature where the rest of the world relied on conflationary literature. (c) that the gods, like men, are subject to the laws of the natural universe, and that man can defeat the folly of these gods with cunning and effort. So white people are more trusting, more trustworthy, and have institutions that depend upon more trusting, more trustworthy people, and together these reduce the frictions that constrain non-white peoples to lesser conditions. The only people close to whites are the Japanese and South Koreans. And even among whites, these rules apply only to whites from above the Hajnal Line (protestants and their descendants) who practiced Bipartite Manorialism.

Is There A Case for White Supremacy?

If somehow acknowledging racial differences is ‘racism’ then no because you can’t even ask the question, and so you can’t answer it either If ‘racism’ refers to treating an individual by the average properties of his race then that is a legitimate criticism of illogical behavior. If ‘racism’ refers to criticism of the reproductive, cultural, political strategies of a competing group, rather than criticism of one’s inability to defend against the harm caused you by that group, then that’s illogical also. If ‘racism’ refers to a preference for nationalism or separatism in order to reduce conflicts between groups and improve the conditions of either by creating norms and institutions more suitable for each group’s differing wants and needs, then criticizing that is not rational. White ‘supremacy’ in ‘achievement’ nearly every field is simply a fact – although the reason for white success is the high cost of truth even if it may disrupt the dominance hierarchy, and therefore resulting in reason, debate, argument, common law, science, medicine, engineering, technology, etc. White genetic supremacy does not appear correct. all racial groups both evolved in different geographical conditions and in doing so produced different levels of neoteny. With Asians most, whites next, mixed colors next, and blacks last. The reason being that whites and Asians have been in homogenous groups for a long time, under agrarianism and have succeeded at selecting for neoteny. And secondly, because of the pressures of agrarianism and the winter seasons, the Asians and Western Europeans have more successfully reduced the sizes of the ‘troublesome’ (underclass) population leaving almost the entire population descendent from the genetic middle class. Every other race and subrace has dominated warmer climates where the rate of maturity as a means of surviving a higher disease gradient requires earlier maturity and deeper maturity and therefore limited selection for neoteny. The superiority of Europeans appears to be the result of a rather small set of noble families never exceeding a few hundred thousand in total population combined with a middle-class majority population who expanded downward. So because Europeans and Asians lived in homogenous groups that were somewhat insulated from sunbelt density of diverse and nomadic pastoral peoples, they were able to genetically select (not so much evolve) for superior populations. The differences between China and Europe are – largely – that china started earlier. The Muslims were not able to cause a thousand-year dark age in china like they were in Europe by collapsing the four major ancient civilizations and reducing them to sub 85IQ averages. But the west is faster than china in both the ancient and modern worlds because of its institutions of ‘truthfulness’ instead of ‘face-saving’, which allowed the west to advance more quickly in both ancient and modern eras.

The Failure of Equatorial States

Why are so many equatorial nations ‘Failed States’? “All happy families are the same. All unhappy families are different.” This means that a lot of things go into making a successful state, and there are a number of reasons why successfully advanced cultures develop. And if any one of them goes wrong, a state can fail. Although it will most likely be conquered once it has failed. And there is one particular reason why most of the failed states are currently failing: the legacy of colonialism. But let’s look at the reasons why cultures progress differently: 1) disease gradients are higher (safer) in the cold and lower in the warm. 2) physical effort is difficult in hot weather, which hampers the creation of built capital. (Core body temp also affects IQ during exertion) 3) Agrarian cycles in the north encourage cottage industry in winter, farming in spring and fall and war in summer. This creates certain social orders that foster human, built and technical capital accumulation. Compare to the brutal survival farming of the Chinese and their rice. 4) Rivers and sea: rivers, in particular, provide safe, easy and low-cost product transport. The opposite is true: some areas are simply geographically resistant to trade. Europe is gifted with east-west rivers. 5) Unequal distribution of terrain, water, useful plants, and animals favors certain regions in agrarian productivity. Mineral deposits favor certain technologies (Europe, coal, wood, and iron.) 6) Access to trade means access to knowledge and greater availability of resources and technology. This increases the probability of innovation, and the development of ‘virtues’ as we understand our commercial and moral code. 7) The abstract thing we refer to as social order, that is embodied in accumulated traditions and habits, are the most important and expensive forms of human capital. These habits facilitate the unspoken normative goals of all social and economic cooperation and coordination. We pay for social institutions by forgoing opportunity: the set of things that we don’t do: the opportunities we do not seize. We pay for infrastructure and governance with the results of trade made possible by those forgone opportunities. These institutions include our different definitions of public and private property, manners, ethics, morals and rituals. Manners, ethics and morals are economic codes just as are written laws, most of which, in all of human history, proscribed punishments for violations of manners, ethics and morals. (A vast oversimplification, but an informative one.) 8) The availability of general technical knowledge (how to craft things) and general systemic knowledge (how the natural world operates). We often confuse education with practical knowledge and scientific knowledge. ( The Muslim world is full of Islamic studies which do nothing except perpetuate ignorance. Some of the sub-Saharan world is still in the embrace of magical thinking.) Commercial apprenticeship and on the job learning, not education, (imitation of practice) is the primary means of knowledge transfer. Most knowledge (in the USA as well) is political or secular-theocratic rather than useful knowledge. This is the reason for the comparative ignorance of our working classes compared to that of Europeans. 9) Concordant technologies. Civilizations need to accumulate a great deal of human capital by adopting certain technologies before they can adopt others, else these technologies are not disruptive, and do not increase the division of knowledge and labor. Otherwise tyrants simply use it to institutionalize corruption and profiteering. This isn’t any different from children but on a larger scale. If people do not forgo the opportunity to misuse technology, they will never be able to gain its productive benefits. You don’t give a child a gun. 10) social orders. The west was built by fraternal orders of city/market joint stockholders, partly because of the high cost of equipment and training. This is the source of our republican sentiments, as well as our tools of argument, reason, and science. Other societies have not been so lucky. East Asia is largely historically oriented. The northern-west is largely future-oriented, the greek, Greco (southern) Italian and eastern block Mediterranean is largely present-oriented, and the near east and Indian continent are magically (‘spiritually’) oriented. Social classes have different time preferences, with the highest classes most future-oriented, and the lowest classes most present-oriented. 11) Political Institutions: what we call ‘rule of law’ is probably the most important for a market economy – because it permits creative disruption and speculation. But more importantly, it requires the ability to concentrate enough power that the political elite can suppress violence in a geography well enough that people can accumulate capital and trade can develop. If trade can develop productivity can increase, and eventually enough extra production can develop that there is something to redistribute to people, first for the purpose of increasing their productivity and second for increasing the quality of their lives. We avoid discussing the reality of violence, but without the ability to project violence there is no ‘state’. Because that’s what a state is: a territorial monopoly on violence that forces people to use either the market (good) or to become the victims of exploitative totalitarianism (bad). Now we get to how westerners condemned some cultures: 1) Creating political boundaries and political systems across tribes destroys their ability to create human capital because this uncertainty over-stimulates the need for group persistence and impedes the development of market-friendly habits. Thievery and tribal banditry is much easier and cheaper than creating trade and infrastructure. Even today, there is no small sentiment among males that suggests civilization has limited their potential access to mates, and their potential joy, by suppressing their desire for tribal banditry. In certain areas of the globe (in which the USA is fighting) tribal banditry is the primary means of status achievement. And the alternative is the grinding poverty of subsistence farming in an arid landscape. Progress is not always as desirable as it may seem. 2) Colonialism under England was effective in creating stability. In fact, the hallmark of the Anglo model is stability. In the entire anglo civilization. In the anglo colonies as well. Stability fosters the accumulation of all forms of capital. If you were colonized by someone else, then you will suffer for it. If you were colonized by the french in particular you will have suffered for it. Anglo social technology is as important as the development of Greek science and reason. That technology, unbeknownst to most of us, is the development of abstract principles that allow calculation and coordination. (Even law is a form of mathematics or calculation. This is a very complex topic for this forum so I’ll leave it at that.). French colonies are a disaster. In fact, the unspoken question is, why were some cultures able to be colonized? It was possible to do terrible things to China via trade, but not to colonize it. And while even the Japanese conquered China, they could not hold or colonize it. 3) Economic interference, and in particular interference by way of charity. This is a hotly debated problem. But individual and local assistance by devoted people seems to make a difference, while insertion of capital is extremely harmful to developing economies that must transform from tribal to market economies. Why we understand that socialism is devastating to economies yet we interfere with primitive and less flexible economies with much less capital, is a mystery of western behavior. Unpleasant realities : 1) Mystical Religion: Unfortunately, there are also ways to manufacture ignorance. Some religions are regressive. In fact, it could be reasonably argued that many are simply dangerous. Some have argued that they all are dangerous. The reason one is outgunned out germed and out steeled, so to speak, is a function of a culture’s willingness to adopt disruptive technologies. Luddites perish. Most of the scriptural religions are Luddite systems of thought. 2) The Problem Of Intelligence: Despite the objections of the inequality-deniers, the one factual reality that the vast body of people will fail to accept in the face of overwhelming objective scientific evidence: that IQ’s are unequally distributed in different races — and in classes within those races. 3) The Problem of Status and Racism: All people are racist in that they prefer acting within and with their race. And this will never change simply because of man’s need to learn, his learning by imitation, and his desire to learn from those he most easily can imitate, and his need to identify WHO to imitate. And the consequential need for visible evidence of status in order to choose who to imitate. Status is a necessary epistemological property of human existence. We cannot exist without it. 4) Mate Selection: The hard reality is that women are hypergamous (marry up). This reality is made more complex because men have a wider IQ variance than women, who are more centered around the mean. This situation presents men with the need to compete for mate selection, while women are increasingly selective about their mates until they reach a point of either opportunity or resignation. (ie: more women are forced to ‘settle’ than are men.) Furthermore, this status economy requires a diverse range of status symbols within each race and class that inform the eternal search for demonstrable differences in status. Furthermore, this means that within races and within classes, except at the margins, greater status is available WITHIN race than without, and therefore people are incentivized to prefer to act and associate within their races. Racism is as permanent as is classism. The dirty secret of the human genome project is that class is genetically determinant. While economic classes are semi-randomly plastic, social classes (which are readily evidenced in the postings on this and other blogs) are decidedly inelastic. (spoken as a member of the upper-middle class). Furthermore, IQs are different in consequence between groups. A white, Jew or east Asian with a 60 IQ is perceptibly broken. A sub-Saharan African is not – he or she just has a higher barrier to the learning of abstractions. But otherwise is perceptibly healthy. And IQ distributions affect what can be invented, what can be produced, and what can be maintained in a society. In general, Maintaining machines requires an IQ of at least 105. To get a liberal education requires an IQ of 110. To design machines requires an IQ of at least 122 . To design abstractions requires an IQ above 130. To innovate upon a system of thought requires, it appears, an IQ above 140. Everyone else simply uses the tools created by others. It is demonstrably true that the top quintile has more influence on productivity of the society than all the rest combined. And it is the number of people with these IQ’s in the population who are educated enough to employ them, in a society with sufficient capital and division of knowledge and labor to make use of their talents. (For this reason, a capitalist China should rule the world in productivity simply because they have so many people above the mechanical threshold, and so much of the population can participate in complex production.) Since all societies are run by minority elites (even ours) the composition of elites in government, speculative intelligence, and innovation in the middle classes, and capable mechanics in the proletariat determine the competitive rates of innovation and change in society. Despite Racial, national, and class differences in IQ distribution, it does not take a genius to run a market economy. As our politicians demonstrate daily. What is important is that in any sufficiently large body of people exist sufficient numbers to adopt the rule of law, the institutions of trade, and some form of capital production. The problem is one of numbers: getting the barbarians and potential corrupt bureaucrats to forgo opportunities for personal gain in order to fund the development of their human capital. The problem of coordinating production in a division of knowledge and labor requires a great deal of sacrifice. It is a sufficient set of principles for governing the progress and adaptability of cultures. As other readers have commented, colonialism is perhaps the greatest determinant today of the relative state of failed nations. I hope this was helpful in providing food for thought.

White Privilege (GSRRM)

Harman and Doolittle on The Economics of White Privilege PRIVILEGE VS WARRANTY White Privilege is a misnomer for White Warranty. The individual and collectively the group warrants a standard of behavior and mores. Self-enforcement and punishment ensue as the group wants to maintain that Warranty. The Cost of White Privilege White privilege is real. I didn’t earn mine. But I pay to maintain it so that I may pass it on to the next generation as it was passed on to me. Any privilege can be abused. So, for example, every time I go into a store and am not followed around by security, I am given the opportunity to steal. Forgoing those opportunities is the opportunity cost that maintaining such privileges for myself and for others like me requires. Privilege is a commons. White people have privilege because white people can create and maintain commons. Some other peoples cannot. The Origins of White Privilege “White privilege,” and its precursor, “racism” have been used as weapons to create a burden of debt on white people and a claim of entitlement for non-white people. That constitutes a real non-white privilege extracted from white people through systemic anti-white racism. Whites are amply warranted, therefore, in shrugging off the non-white burden and, should any be allowed to remain, educating them about the privilege they enjoy on account of complicity with systematic, institutional, fraud, aggression, demoralization, manipulation, and culture war directed against whites, for which they must be suitably and perpetually contrite and penitent, and all the benefits they have enjoyed at white people’s expense but have not previously been made to reciprocate, and for which they now owe restitution. The Economics of White Privilege Critics note that white privilege is unearned & conclude that it is therefore undeserved. But I have to pay for my white privilege, when it is extended to me, by not abusing it. E.g. if I’m not followed around by security, I’m being given an opportunity to steal. To maintain my white privilege of not being followed by security, for myself and others, I have to pay the opportunity cost of foregoing opportunities to steal. Evidence suggests that enough white people are willing to pay for this privilege, in this way, to maintain it. Some groups aren’t willing to forego opportunities to steal reliably enough to make the privilege of not being followed around by security worth giving them. By whining about white people getting this privilege (saying it’s unfair) they’re trying to obtain it at a discount. The demand is basically that whites conduct all business and interactions with non-whites on ingroup terms. But this is not worthwhile if they are not ingroup, and won’t treat us as ingroup, by the standards we demand of ingroup members. It’s a parasitic demand. The only other way to be uniform and “fair” (as these parasites define fairness) would be to conduct business & interactions w/everyone (even fellow whites) on low trust, out-group terms (have security follow everyone) but this is not optimal. It’s costlier for ingroup members. I didn’t “earn” my white privilege. But I do pay for it, every time I am extended it and don’t abuse it, such as when I am not followed by security and nevertheless refrain from stealing. Payment of those opportunity costs is what maintains that privilege for myself and others. Are all whites trustworthy and all non-whites untrustworthy? Certainly not. But it certainly pays to employ different risk management strategies with different groups, according to the risks, statistically, that they present. Accordingly, different out-groups get different terms. Asians get better out-group terms in white societies than blacks, & whites get better out-group terms in Asian societies than blacks, even if none get ingroup terms because whites and Asians are lower risk and higher benefit, relative to blacks. It’s not just ingroup/out-group. There are 2 kinds of blacks who object to being mistrusted, the untrustworthy, b/c it makes it harder to abuse trust, & the trustworthy, for whom it’s costly & embarrassing to be lumped w/the former. But if we can’t tell the difference, demanding not to be lumped is unreasonable. There are 3 main, honest, productive, ways to minimize the cost of being associated with an untrustworthy group.

1) Signal, with speech, dress, mannerisms, etc, to distinguish & differentiate yourself.

2) Offer more positive value.

3) Suppress the parasitism of your own group.

Don’t demand ingroup terms from outgroups. It is NEVER worthwhile to extend you those terms, and those demands are always dishonest and parasitic. But by employing the methods above, you can obtain better out-group terms from others for your group. Finally, it’s worth mentioning that ingroups and out-group are generally defined according to kinship because closer kinship makes trust and altruism, the mechanisms of ingroup privilege, evolutionarily self-enforcing (they reward and propagate other instances of your genes.) Conversely, kinship also makes defection, nonperformance, & irreciprocity (the basic mechanisms of out-group parasitism) evolutionarily unstable & self-punishing (they punish & therefore diminish & handicap other instances of your own genes.) This is why ingroup is kingroup. The Economics of Association in Heterogeneous Polities It’s because ethnic Europeans, particularly northern Europeans, largely because of geography and culture came out of the dark ages first, had the enlightenment first, developed the first fully middle-class civilization first, and did so both genetically, culturally, and institutionally, by using militias due to weak central governments, individual sovereignty because of militias, rule of law not rule by discretion, manorialism’s suppression of underclass rates of reproduction, and by aggressive hanging of criminal population for 1000 years, and as a consequence producing the highest trust society, with the highest trust population. So, in commerce and politics, ethnic Europeans have obtained a premium for their (earned) reputation for relative trustworthiness and work ethic (middle-class public behavior), and they preserve the premium through the intergenerational transfer of those habits, norms, traditions, and values. The problem is that high trust polities and a ‘deserved’ reputation for high trust is extremely expensive and no other people so far have been able to produce it except the Japanese and Koreans. This is the reason for the west’s higher standard of living. The rest is due to demographic distributions, meaning that the vast majority of ethnic Europeans are within one degree of the genetic middle class (meaning that they can learn to use technology independently by reading), whereas the vast majority of peoples who complain about the reputational advantage of ethnic Europeans are from groups with historically larger underclasses, and therefore, lower medians, where cultural norms are determined by the median, and we are all judged by ‘averages (median) of our group”. Why? Because stereotypes are the most accurate measurement in the social sciences. They are verified or falsified every day in every personal interaction. We are all punished for (experience discounts), and privileged for (experience premiums) our identities: manners, ethics, morals, habits, body language, hygiene, speech pattern, vocabulary, dress, fitness, and everything else. To lose your discount or gain a premium, change your group’s sexual, social, economic, intellectual, and market value, by changing your group’s demographics, habits, manners, ethics, morals, traditions, values, rituals so that they are ALSO middle class (market) rather than whatever tradition you come from. it’s not complicated. Before the 1964 immigration act, everyone who came to America did it. The lesson is that people are not scarce. Individuals are not special.Humans by and large are a commodity. There are, if anything, far too many of us. People must work hard to find some way of providing value to others so that they are useful in the marketplace for sexual, social, economic, political cooperation. And because value is rare, and people are not scarce, all people are careful in making the best investments that they can. And they invest in what they can see. Hence why Jews and Asians do better than ethnic Europeans in American university acceptance, but no one criticizes them. While whites are criticized daily, and experience reverse discrimination in the academy, politics, and the media, while preserving their economic advantage in the workplace, and their social status. So, it’s not a privilege, it’s a cultural premium for 1350 years of suppression of underclass reproduction and downward expansion of the middle class. And training your children to do what is uncomfortable in order to obtain long term benefits of conforming to middle-class behaviors. And it’s almost impossible to alter for that reason. People from other cultures or ethnicities assume white identity is arbitrary but it is merely the universal adaptation of middle-class market behavior on a civilizational scale. Join the middle class by acting as middle class, and getting others with your identity to act middle class. It’s not complicated, but it’s terribly difficult, which is why so few cultures can do it without many generations of middle-class civilization. The Flip Side of Colonialism: The Industrial Production of Prosperity:
Colonialism was a profound if not most profound good since the invention of farming – we dragged mankind out of ignorance, superstition, poverty, disease, hard labor, child mortality, early death, suffering, tyranny, and subjectivity to the vicissitudes of nature – kicking and screaming all the while.
Western failure was only in having the European civil wars to contain Germany, and contain Russia, and leaving our project of dragging mankind out of ignorance and poverty incomplete. That failure led to the only significant problems of colonialism: (a) the failure to complete the replacement french despotism with English developmentalism. (b) the absence of the technology of fiat money credit that would have eliminated the need for gold and resource extraction. (c) the collapse left an opening for the Counter-Revolutions of French Socialism, Jewish Communism, Islamic Fundamentalism. (d) the introduction of medicines and health science without the introduction of eugenics (birth control). (e) the failure of our postwar investments in the third world which generally were too insubstantial to do other than delay or inhibit internal growth of demand.
Slavery was universal and whites were more frequently the subject of it (by muslims) than perpetrators of it. The vast majority of slaves when to the caribbean and south america.
Why? Whites are not malaria-immune but many blacks are. Whites have higher (hotter) metabolisms, and blacks don’t. Whites had to be taken from the criminal or impoverished classes and died in droves. Africans were captured by other Africans as prisoners of war in order their attempt to unify West Africa and complete the production of the West African empire (which would have happened had the brits not intervened – anglos were wrong as usual – too utopian.). This meant that the warm weather colonies most able to produce high-value goods (particularly sugar) with Africans, (a) had more survivors, (b) spread the genres of previously constrained peoples to new territories, (c) forcibly modernized both cultures, civilizations, and Genes. And it was not ‘known’ that enslaved primitives were capable of civilized behavior at the time. It was only in the 19th century after the industrial revolution that we found that citizens were more profitable than serfs, were more profitable than slaves.
Creating middle classes by resource exploitation, and selling manufactured (value added) goods to developing peoples was the only means possible of dragging the vast body of dirty, ignorant, superstitious, violent, poor, disease ridden, un-domesticated human animals out of of their condition, and reforming their societies incrementally until they themselves could create a middle class civilization capable of self governance without threat to more advanced civilizations.
The west was punished in the ancient world for Truth, Reason, Law, and Technology, and punished in the current world for the same. We dragged mankind kicking and screaming out of ignorance, superstition, poverty, hard labor, starvation, and disease in the ancient world and the modern and in both eras the ungrateful rebelled like the children that they are. Why? Because western truth forces you to face your sexual, social, economic, and political value in the face. Why? Because that is what it means to be western: Truth Regardless of Consequences to the Status Hierarchy.  


White Protestants lost political power, status and their culture due to “enlightened choice”. There was no material reason why they HAD to lose power. They chose to be ‘Christian’, which was the sentiment needed to unify a fragmented Europe. They could just as easily have chosen to keep slavery, to keep control of government, to forbid immigrants political power, to maintain the requirement of Protestantism. In other words, they could have done what most civilizations have done. What most civilizations still do. In fact, the entire purpose of nationalism was to give racial groups their own sovereignty after centuries of tribal distribution across monarchic Europe. It Wasn’t Political Power, It Was Economic Power Starting with the industrial revolution, the dominance of the HOUSEHOLD lost importance, and therefore the dominance of the MALE waned. The decline has been not just among white men, but among men in particular. Women’s entry into the workplace has not hurt high performing men, but since women have taken all the lower risk clerical functions in society, and seem to largely be better suited for it, this has moved men toward the edges – into the riskier professions. They Gave Up Power Voluntarily These voluntary abdicators of male political power were Christians. They tried the experiment. It was a heady debate. We have just wrapped class, race and cultural preference in a deep cloak of secular language instead of religious language. But the underlying sentiments and logic are essentially the same. We have a religion of democratic, secular humanism rather than paternal Christianity. The difference is that the political myth of the ‘white man’s burden’ of anglo exceptionalism in order to morally justify the empire, has become the myth of democratic secular humanism in order to justify the empire. The Experiment Failed What has happened is that these previously tolerant people believe that the experiment failed. That their conservative sentiments (the belief that humans have immutable behaviors), have returned to precedence over their liberal sentiments (people can aspire to utopian behavior in the right environment) have changed. White Men in particular tolerated man-hating feminism because they felt it was somewhat justified, but that society would ‘settle back’ because people have ‘natural tendencies’. White Men felt that because of slavery and WW2, that they were wrong in their fantasy of exceptionalism – that they had betrayed their Christian sentiments, and so they tolerated criticism in the hope that society would settle down. White men today no longer believe those egalitarian myths. When you destroy a mythos you don’t destroy just the ‘bad parts’. You destroy the entire system of myths. They no longer believe in their guilt. They now feel equally wronged. The Levant Nassim Taleb in his book The Black Swan, describes how he and his fellow members of the levant thought that they had solved the problem of heterogeneity and that they were more civilized than the rest of the world. But it was a myth. That small civilization is now dead and gone, and gone within his lifetime. People continue to murder each other in droves around the world. And while capitalism decreases costs and increases the quality of life, and it because of the prosperity, decreases the incentive to devolve into violence, it is not a sufficient tool for altering the human perception of status, nor of the realities of cooperating in groups: tribes remain fixed in their cooperative networks even under capitalism. It’s just FRICTION that is less important because there is less scarcity of opportunity. What Happens Next The question becomes, a) whether white men will cease tolerating their denigration and become activists, – or b) whether they will do what men have in all other collapsed cultures, which is abandon the Fraternal Order, and become like Byzantines, Mediterraneans, or Africans, and simply pursue non-political localized self-interest which will over time, simply erode the legitimacy of the state. There is another option c) which is violence. But that is always a minority position because it is so costly. And if history is a guide we will get all three of these factors. Western Protestant Culture Is An Anomaly The sentiments of white male culture are an anomaly. It is the product of the fraternal order of city-defending soldiers who treat the ‘market’ (which they don’t differentiate from ‘society’) as if they were shareholders. That sentiment is extremely rare. If that sentiment ceases, we will not get the civilization that utopians aspire to. We have a lot of historically similar situations. We might get something random. But history tells us what we will get will not likely be the ‘free society’ that we aspired to. Urbanization Affects Social Institutions By Increasing Anonymity And Decreasing Economic Conformity We are urbanizing, world wide. And we must. There are too many of us to return to farming. We no longer live where we are self-sustaining yet produce excess in order to participate in the market for the purpose of getting money with which to buy what we cannot produce. Nearly all of us must participate in the market for our entire livelihood, trading our skills in manipulating someone else’s tools and materials for money so that we can buy ALL of our needs in the market. We live in a world of perceived risk, surrounded by plenty. But urbanization under market-centricity poses difficult problems. The problem of ‘social order’ (conformity to law or convention) occurs when any civilization sufficiently urbanizes. The human social tools of ostracization (economic exclusion) and fraternalism (economic inclusion) do not operate in dense populations where anonymity is common and therefore social ostracization alone cannot block people from opportunities. There is no evidence that these social tools operate in the dense urban environment. There is no evidence that Law or Religion can cause them to operate either. The Shift To A Racial Minority This is the last generation where white men will feel guilty about their position. They feel disempowered. They are soon to be a minority. They dislike being ridiculed and having their status trampled upon, and are rapidly considering it RACISM against them. (Which they believe will give them the right in turn, to be racist.) The question is what will they do. And if history is any indicator, most of them will do nothing but acquiesce. But like any racial group, they will likely form a disenfranchised but radical minority who is an activist. This is what is occurring today. If the minority gains traction it gains followers from those who previously acquiesced – people follow a winning team. White men are also developing the sentiment of racial persecution, and with it, the egalitarian Christian sentiments, and their historical guilt are waning. When a people are oppressed they revert to self-serving behavior and abandon behaviors of social sacrifice. The Forgone Opportunity Economy Society is not paid for by taxes. We pay for bureaucrats and soldiers with taxes. Society, or social order, is paid for by refraining from seizing opportunities. We create property by not stealing. We create comfort and safety with manners. We create prosperity and frictionless trade by non-corruption and ethical behavior. We prevent ourselves from externalizing high costs to others, and often to ourselves by moral behavior. We take on the burden of truth-telling. We define the granularity of property, the rules of the market. Each of us does ten thousand things a day to pay the tax for social order. And that tax system of opportunity costs is what we call ‘culture’. it is the highest cost of human capital a group can invest in. Groups with different systems compete. They get angry with one another because they ‘sense’ theft or fraud, not of money, but of the sacrifices that they made for their group’s benefit. They get angry when their sacrifices (forgone opportunities) are wasted when another race or social class demeans them. In this way, human groups conduct forgone-opportunity-funded warfare, but they largely do it peacefully. This is the racial and cultural economy. Money, Status, Forgone Opportunity, Access to Opportunity, and Access To Mates. Money is the least of them. Political power is simply the means by which to control the economy. Not just the money economy. But the status, opportunity and mating economy. Institutions (self-perpetuating social habits) are the highest cost development for any civilization. The people in the civilization know the costs. They know the opportunities that they spent on building that cost. They know the taxes that they paid. They know what property is theirs that they earned. And egalitarianism and charity are happily given as long as they are FRACTIONAL and do not allow one group to steal its institutional costs from another. People are not having a simple emotional reaction. They see usurpation of political power as THEFT. They are ACTING like they see it as theft. The Implications For everyone else who is not a white male, it becomes the question of how a society can be managed, or how it will operate without those sentiments of fraternalism. We never get what we think we will. The French and Russian revolutions were horrific both in process and outcome. But most if not all civilizations simply decay once they urbanize, and their expansionist class of males surrenders to the sense of impotence, or the luxury of hedonism, by exporting the effort needed to maintain the social order to the bureaucracy. The general assumption is that the democratic process will solve this problem of social integration and power distribution. But there is no evidence in history that such a thing occurs but rarely, and almost exclusively in England. Politics is a market, and people will circumvent the market when it no longer serves them. No Longer A Nation But An Empire The USA, thanks to Teddy Roosevelt and his ilk, is an empire in imitation of the European model. Empires consist of factions. Factions are geographic (trade routes), racial (genetic), cultural (normative), and religious (legal). But an empire over whom half the population feels oppressed and stolen from is simply fragile. We are no longer a country contentiously dealing with a problem of integration caused by our need for the population to complete the westward expansion of the continent. Instead, we are an empire over some number of smaller nations yearning to be free, and a disenfranchised geographic ex-majority that appears to be developing a new sentiment (acquiescence to failure), a political movement (tea party), and a radical movement (militias). At least, that is where this appears to be going, if history is any indicator. And men who no longer see the existing order as beneficial to them may not work to overthrow it, but they will not work to maintain it. And that may be worse. The Difference Between Methods The difference between conservatives and progressives lies in the different assumptions we have of human nature. Progressives are utopians that believe we are free to build whatever world we choose to – they err on the side of people ‘doing good’ which is why progressivism is a movement of the industrial period. Conservatives err on the side of people ‘pursuing self-interest’ which is why conservatism is an ancient sentiment, although conservatism as a political movement is a reaction to the English and French revolutions and the rise of socialism and communism. It is a contemporary reaction to progressivism. And like all conservative movements, it is a reaction to the perception of theft of one’s assets by political means (even if those assets were unjustly acquired as in mercantilism or predatory banking or slavery). Conservatives believe that human beings have innate sensibilities, biases, and preferences that are immutable. And because they are immutable we should develop institutions that take these immutable differences into account. We should expect people to act with racial preferences because people almost always do act with racial preferences. They do so because intra-racial status is more beneficial for the majority than is extra-racial status. And status controls access to mates. Except at the extremes where status can be increased by breaking racial barriers, status determines access to mates, determines access to opportunities, access to networks, in general, access to a better life. The Economics Of Race And The Impact On Politics So the question is, what will happen in a world where we have a white minority whose traditions create the opportunity for democracy and rotation of the elites, and most people have racial preferences, where there is no method of organization urban conformity, but we have a political system that allows democratic rotation of elites? In general, at least in history, people tend to vote in what is called “Bonapartism” or a totalitarian who can forcibly resolve differences. Bonapartism is democratic totalitarianism. Our systemic answer to urbanization was credit. Credit is more useful than laws because with record-keeping it produces both positive and negative incentives. We are likely going to continue to build the credit society instead of the religious and legal societies. In fact, law is so technical it is largely immaterial, and most people are both isolated from it and ignorant of it. We actually operate by credit and exchange instead of legal or religious conformity. We live in a credit society. But while credit solves the problem of anonymity and ostracization, it does not solve the problem of tribal and cultural sovereignty, which is a code-phrase for the system of status signals among people with racial and cultural similarities. In a world of economic plenty and cheap debt and fiat money, there is an inflationary impact upon status perceptions that like a tide floats all boats and reduces class and race friction. But in a world of unemployment, which may be structural, permanent, and wherein opportunities are more scarce, and therefore racial status more advantageous, and in a society where there is a very large and disenfranchised minority that is government by an activist political system that they see as tyrannical and against their interest, it seems unlikely that people will support that government, that way of life, or even the assumption that the government and way of life are ‘goods’. Race matters. Race matters because ENOUGH people act with racial preferences, and MORE of them act with racial preferences under economic duress because acting within racial preferences is economically rewarding for the majority of its members. It’s just simple economics.


American Mistakes (harmony not markets) 1) War of independence, rather than paying our debt for the french and indian war to the crown, and negotiating exit from european banking cartels. (Beneficial outcome:  writing down the common law in a constitution) 2) Not buying and paying for the repatriation of the slaves. 3) Not letting the south secede, civil war, and the catastrophe of the 14th amendment. No beneficial outcome. 4) Joining WW1 rather than letting Germany restore herself after Napoleon’s destruction of the holy roman (German) empire (France’s equivalent of the war of northern aggression) 3) The Versailles treaty granting France it’s wishes to destroy the holy roman empire and de-Prussianize Germanic civilization – the heart of european civilization for all of our history. 4) Joining WW2 5) Taking over rather than reinforcing and restoring the British empire, as the primary global defense of western civilization. 6) Taking over the pound as the world reserve currency 7) Not letting loose our generals Macarthur in china and Patton in Russia. 8) Not suppression the jewish postwar movements – particularly communism, marxism, cultural marxism, and postmodernism 9) Tolerating libel slander and gossiping under the pretense of free speech. 8) No fault divorce, child support and alimony, and removing liability for interference in the marriage. 9) Not helping Russia after the fall 10) Converting from Eugenic Credit to Dysgenic Credit: That’s how it was done. Universities, Credit, and Stacking the vote with Immigration: depopulation by credit expansion instead of eugenics by credit management. British Mistakes 1) Not creating a house of the colonies) 2) allowing jews into the state, academy… The greatest mistakes our country made were not letting the south secede, expanding the franchise to those unproductive and lacking responsibility, and the hart cellar act to open the gates to the underclasses – destroying the American experiment in a third way: middle class civ. These are followed closely by tolerating the postwar suppression of the american eugenics movement, and not brutally crushing the communist movement, marxist-postmodernist movements. We were tolerant in greek, roman, germanic, and british civilizations. Tolerance is a weakness not a virtue.          

3. The Law of the European People

Lex Europaei
“The Law of the Europeans”

“The Production of Transcendence”

Adaptation: Speed, Maneuver, Initiative, Adaptability, by Loyalty, Heroism, Excellence, Technology, Beauty, Truth, Reciprocity

Our People: Europeans


That group of West Eurasians, descended from Ancient North Eurasians, by first the Early Neolithic Farmer expansion, their monolith civilization replacing the european hunter gatherers, then by the Western Indo European (Aryan) Expansion and Replacement of The Early Neolithic Farmers, The West Indo European (Aryan) Cultural and Technological Revolution, that together evolved into the Finnic, Baltic, Slavic, Germanic, Celtic, Italic (now Romance), and Hellenic(Now Greek) Languages, and the shared experiences of The Indo European (Aryan) religion of The Father of the Daylight Sky, The Beaker People and their Sacrifice, The Greek Intellectual Revolution, The Roman Administrative and Legal Revolution, The Germanic Religion, The Christian Religion, The Mediterranean Collapse, The Semitic Dark Age and Wars against Islam, The Holy Roman Empire of the Germanic Peoples, The Rule of Law Revolution, The Renaissance, The Aristotelian Restoration, The Empirical Revolution, The Reformation, The Agrarian and Financial Evolution, The Age of Exploration, The Industrial Revolution, The Scientific Revolution,  The Darwinian Revolution, The Technological Revolution, and the Informational Revolution, Residing between the Iberian Peninsula and the Urals, the artic and the Mediterranean, Black, and Caspian seas, and during the Age of sail, Domesticating, and Settling the American and Australian continents and their various islands, currently classified as Haplogroups R1b, R1a, N, I1, and I2 and and no other. With political if not genetic inclusion of early neolithic farmers and anatolians in sardinia, sicily, the italian boot, greece, and those remaining Old Europeans in the Balkans. And specifically excluding those competing west eurasians of the indo-iranian, and indian genetic spectra, and the ancestral anatolians and caucasians that are now extinct.

Our Law: Lex Europaei. Or, The Law of The European People, The Natural Law of the European People, The Natural Law, The Law of Sovereignty, Sovereigntarianism.


Our Ancient, Ancestral, And Traditional rules of display word and deed, by which we agree to refrain from: eradication, predation, and parasitism, by: war, genocide, conquest, destruction, plunder, pillage, killing, violence, enslavement, enserfment, and tax farming, and instead to cooperate by: exchange of, and reciprocal insurance of, sovereignty, and reciprocity, truth and duty, regardless of cost so that together we may profit from our domestication of ourselves, others, and nature as we transcend the universe into heavens, and ourselves into the gods we imagined.

Our Order


The production of status by heroic sacrifice to the commons.


He who can destroy a thing controls a thing. He who can defend a thing, owns a thing. The men who can defend or destroy, always own and control things. The question is only whether they act to control things they own. This is why a universal militia is required to produce rule of law. And this is why only western man has rule of law – individual sovereignty. The purpose of the militia is to create the power to deny power, so that no one else has the power to control things or destroy things – leaving only sovereignty and reciprocity under the natural law as means of survival. Therefore the host of men must exercise control of things in order to prevent control of things, leaving only the natural law, and the markets for reciprocity within them.


The Rise

The Ancient Greek Way

The Ancient Roman Way

The Medieval Holy Roman Empire Way

The North Sea (Scandinavian) Way

The Modern (British, American) Way

The Fall

The European peoples are able to evolve genetically, culturally, economically, technologically and scientifically faster than all other peoples because of our traditions of self determination, sovereignty, reciprocity, truth, duty, excellence, heroism, rule of law and jury, and markets in all aspects of life, where the market for suppression of parasitism we call the law, and the market for reciprocity in the production of goods, services, and information, evolve as rapidly as possible, thereby advancing productive innovations in each other’s interests, and suppression innovations in parasitism against others interests, in exchange for softly suppresses the rates of reproduction of the underclasses, thereby allowing us to divert proceeds from our production to the commons, and the higher returns for all from those commons, the most important of which are truth before face, trust, artistic, scientific, technological, economic adaptive and and innovative velocity, and the prosperity, joy, and peace of mind that results from it.

Western civilization is not the first, but it is the fastest, in the prehistoric, ancient, and modern worlds, sovereignty expands human ability most rapidly for the simple reason that market rule, limited by natural law. creates both the most incentive to innovate and change, and the least resistance to innovation and change, that are possible at any given moment.

Our Purpose








Our Group Strategy Is Adaptive Velocity
Graceful Ascent in success, Graceful Failure To Success
A via=negativa not via-positiva strategy eliminate the false, evil, and bad, and all else is true, good, or excellen
The law is more important than government.


Capturing energy creates the ability to defeat the dark forces of entropy and time.
creates the ability to obtain the difference between our expenditure and capture of energy.
creates the possibility of acting to alter the course of regular events to defeat the dark forces of ignorance.
Reason creates the possibility of inventing increasingly complex means of acting.
(Adaptation …)

And Whereas;

Agency is necessary for Self Determination
Self Determination is Necessary for Transcendence
Transcendence is necessary to evolve into the gods we imagine.

And Whereas;

Godhood is only possible under Omniscience and Omnipotence
and Omnipotence are only possible by Transcendence
Transcendence is only possible by Self Determination
Self Determination
is only possible by Agency
Agency is only possible Under Sovereignty
is Only Possible Under Natural Law (Reciprocity).
Natural Law of Reciprocity is Only Possible Under Market (Adversarial) Law.
Market Law is only Possible Under Common (Empirical) Law.
Common Law is only possible under Testimonial Truth.
Testimonial Truth is only Possible Under Physical Law (Laws of Nature).
Physical Law is Possible only under Determinism.
Determinism is Possible only if the universe demonstrates Regularity.
Regularity is possible to know only if we possess Memory and Reason.
Memory and Reason are necessary for Agency

And Whereas

Self Determination is only possible by Sovereignty
Sovereignty is only possible by the force to deny alternatives.
Sufficient Force under Sovereignty is only possible for a Universal Militia
A Universal Militia under …  is only  possible

Our Way:

—“Liberalism [Rule of Law] works for the English because they are essentially Viking pirates —“England did away with the principle of the organized state, and put in its place the notion of the free private citizen. The citizen demands permission to fight alone in the ruthless struggle for existence, for this is the only way he can satisfy his Viking instincts. Buckle, Malthus, and Darwin later postulated that the basic essence of “society” was the naked struggle for existence. And they were absolutely right, at least as far as their own country and people were concerned. To be sure, in modern England this principle operates in a highly refined and perfected fashion. But evidence of a more rudimentary adherence to it can be found in the Icelandic sagas, where such behavior is obviously spontaneous and not borrowed from another culture. The forces with which William the Conqueror took England in 1066 could be called a “society” of knightly adventurers, and English trading companies have subdued and expropriated entire countries—most recently, since 1390, the inland regions of South Africa. Gradually the entire English nation assumed the characteristics of a “society.” The Old Norse instinct for piracy and clever trading has, in the end. influenced the Englishman’s attitude toward all of reality, including property, work, foreign peoples, and the weaker individuals and classes among his own people. The same instinct has also yielded political techniques that are extremely effective weapons in the struggle for mastery of the globe. A concept complementary to that of “society” is the “private citizen.” He represents the sum of certain positive ethical qualities which like all great. ethical virtues are not acquired through training or education, but are borne in the blood and perfected after “passing through generation after generation. The peculiarly English style of politics is essentially one that involves private citizens or groups of such individuals. This, and only this, is the very meaning of parliamentary government. Cecil Rhodes was a private citizen who conquered foreign countries. The American billionaires are private citizens who rule foreign countries by means of an inferior class of professional politicians. German liberalism, on the other hand, is ethically valueless. It merely says “No!” to the state, and is unable to justify its opposition by offering equally high-minded and vigorous positive- suggestions.”— Spengler


Competitive Excellence

Maneuver, Adaptability

Agency, Initiative


Reciprocity (regardless of cost)

Consisting of:
Productive, Fully Informed,, Voluntary Transfer of Demonstrated Interests, Free of Imposition upon the Demonstrated interests of others by Externality, Warrantied within the limits of possible restitution.

( … )

Martial Reporting and Warranty (Testimony regardless of cost)
Oath(promise) and Contract(regardless of cost)
Natural Law of Tort and Restitution (regardless of cost)
Jury of Peers (thang, jury, house, senate) and Judge of Last Resort (king)

Demand for Productivity and Meritocracy (non-parasitism regardless of cost)
Demand for Incremental Suppression (defense regardless of cost)

Markets in Everything:
… Exercise of Demonstrated Due Diligence
… … Beast
… … Slave
… … Serf
… … Freeman (Freedom)
… … Citizen (Liberty)
… … Sovereign (Peer) (insurance of All)
… Limiting ourselves to reciprocity in:
… Markets for:
… … association,
… … cooperation,
… … production,
… … reproduction,
… … commons,
… … polities,
… … and war

Natural Eugenics,
With the direction of surplus proceeds of production
To the production of Commons
And the asymmetric returns on investments in commons

The optimum human organization
With the fastest innovation
With the least resistance
With the greatest competitive advantage
With the maximum quality of life,
With the Maximum adaptation,
With maximum evolution,
In the shortest possible time.

The limitations of man,
The vicissitudes of nature,
And a universe hostile,
To the evolution of man,
Into the gods we imagine.

Every man taking the oath is,
… a son (daughter)
… a brother (sister)
… a father (mother)
… a laborer
… a craftsman,
… an artist
… a warrior,
… a soldier,
… a sheriff,
… a judge,
… a legislator,
… and a sovereign,
… warranties the demonstrated interests of his peers,
… in the distributed dictatorship
… of sovereign men.
And every woman taking the oath is.
… a daughter
… a sister
… a mother
… a laborer
… a craftsman,
… an artist
… a caretaker,
… a protector,
… a sheriff,
… warranties the demonstrated interests of her peers,
… in the distributed dictatorship
… of sovereign women.

The Transcendence of man (into gods)
Agency: The Transcendence of Man

omniscience, omnipotence, excellence, truth, beauty

Using The Industrialization of Agency.
Truth and Oath
Duty and Commons
Excellence and Heroism
Sovereignty and Reciprocity
The Natural Law, Judge, and Jury
Markets in
… association,
… cooperation,
… production,
… reproduction,
… commons,
… polities, and
… war.

Our Way of Sovereigns, From Individuals, to States to Empires to Civilizations

Our Law of Sovereign Peoples

Our People

( … ) define


Our genetics are our common capital, an inheritance from our ancestors, a competitive advantage for each of us and all of our people. You have no right to harm or dilute asset this advantage for personal gain or preference. Other peoples have no right to purchase or steal it from us.

–“Not One Drop”–

Our Oath:

–“(I shall not lie, deceive, cheat,  bait, steal, harm, conspire,  … submit, or show cowardice in battle.  I shall ….  hinder not, assist when possible, help when called, defend the commons, safeguard the weak, punish the wicked, .. and kill the evil ).”—

Our Debts:

–“( … ) Christian, Heathen Pagan, Aryan, Aristotelian”–

Our Law of Sovereigns:

—“One-against-one, the Spartans are as good as anyone in the world. But when they fight in a body, they are the best of all the world. For though they are free men, they are not entirely free. They accept Law as their master. And they respect this master more than your subjects respect you. Whatever he commands, they do. And his command never changes: It forbids them to flee in battle, whatever the number of their foes. He requires them to stand firm — to conquer or die.”—Damaratus to Xerxes.

Sovereignty.  ( … definition … )

Every man shall act, and none shall prevent him from acting, as his own  nation, army, state, judiciary, monarchy, legislature, economy, and joins with allies to create polities, or exits from them to join another of his own accord.

There is no reciprocity, morality, or law between nations other than violence. As such, man need never submit – he can always resort to war – and defeat if he chooses.


No Authority Only Markets : Survival by Competition


Our Duty of Care :

1. Reciprocity in Transcendence

Self Determination is only possible by Agency
Agency is only possible Under Sovereignty
is Only Possible Under Natural Law (Reciprocity).

2. Reciprocity in Non-imposition

Thou shalt not, by display, word, or deed, or absence of display, word or deed, impose costs upon the demonstrated Interests of others (property-in-toto), either directly or indirectly, where those Interests were obtained by Settlement (conversion, or first use) or productive, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary exchange in the absence of such imposition of costs upon the demonstrated interests of others.

Your Demonstrated Interests Include:

1. Natural Interests:

(1) Self: Life, Body, Genes, Memories, Mind, Attention Time, Action, Consumption of air, water, food, space, shelter;
(2) Privacy: (Exit from the Commons) That which is not ‘of or in the commons’:  body, bodily functions, sexual functions, mind, memories, and external records thereof – the mind is not action.
(3) Opportunity for Action, Stimulation, Experience, Acquisition.
(4) Status and Class (reputation, honor): Self-Image, Status, Reputation Social, Sexual, Economic, Political, and Military Market Value
(5) Kith and Kin and Interpersonal (Relationship) Interests: Mates (access to sex/reproduction), and Marriage Children (genetic reproduction)
Consanguineous Relations (family, kin, clan, tribal and national relations)
(6) Association and Dissociation: Association for, and Disassociation and Exit from: Cooperation, Insurance, Reproduction, Production, Distribution, and Trade: Friends, Acquaintances, Neighbors, Cooperative Relations, Commercial Relations, Political Relations, and Military Relations

2. Several (Personal) Interests:

(1) Personal property: “Things an individual has a Monopoly Of Control over the use of.”  Several-Property: Those things we claim a monopoly of control over.
(2) Shareholder (Fractional) Interests: Shares in property: Recorded And Quantified Shareholder Property (claims for partial ownership)
(3) Title Interests (Weights and Measures) Trademarks and Brands (prohibitions on fraudulent transfers within a geography).
(4) Artificial Interests (Privileges): Letters of Marque, Patents, Copyrights, Grants of License.

3. Common Interests, or “Commons” (Community Property)

Physical Capital
(1) Resources: natural resources.
(2) Formal (PhysicalCommons: waterways, parks, buildings, improvements, and infrastructure.
(3) Monuments: arts and artifacts.

Formal Institutional Capital
(4) Formal (Procedural) Institutions: Our institutions: Government, Laws, Courts, Banking, Treasury, Education
(5) Cooperative Institutions: Family, Neighborhood, Polity,
(6) Opportunity Interests: Un-homesteaded Opportunities, Markets

Informal Institutional Capital
(7) Informal (Traditional) Institutions : Religion, Mythology, History, Tradition
(8) Informal (Normative Tacit) Institutions: Our norms: habits, manners, ethics, and morals, Trust, Truthful Speech
(10) Informational (Explicit) Commons: Knowledge. Information.

Human Capital
(11) Skills (Training, General Knowledge, Explicit Knowledge)
(12) Population and Distribution: The distribution of our classes
(13) Genetic Interests: Our Genome

Civilizational Capital
( … )

Definition:  We may refer to the complete set of ‘demonstrated interests’, including the Personal, Several, and Common, as “Property-in-Toto”

3. Reciprocity in Deed

Thou shalt not, by absence of display, word or deed, allow the the imposition of, costs upon the demonstrated Interests of others (property-in-toto), either directly or indirectly, where those Interests were obtained by Settlement (conversion, or first use) or productive, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary exchange in the absence of such imposition of costs upon the demonstrated interests of others.

4. Reciprocity in Speech

in western natural law, one can propose a superior, reciprocal and truthful solution, but one cannot undermining the current solution without providing one that is better.

5. Reciprocity in Display

( .. )

6. Reciprocity in Defense

Thou shalt not, by display, word, or deed, or absence of display, word or deed, tolerate the imposition of costs upon the demonstrated Interests of others (property-in-toto), either directly or indirectly, where those Interests were obtained by Settlement (conversion, or first use) or productive, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary exchange in the absence of such imposition of costs upon the demonstrated interests of others.

Our People shall be Sovereign Individually and Collectively

Self Determination

Self Defense

Self Rule

Self Government

Self Sufficient

Self Development


(Treason to submit)

Every Man A Deputy, Every Man A Sheriff,  Every Man a Warrior

( … )

The Natural Law’s Absence of Need For Letter of Marque

( … and profit fro having done so)

7. Reciprocity in Restitution, Punishment and Prevention

Limitless Restitution, punishment prevention

( … ) our people shall be free of harm anywhere they tread.

If given entry into a domain, he shall be constrained under our laws, and no other, and he remains insured by our people, under our law,

8. Reciprocity in Inalienation

(Treason to submit)

Our Scope of Duty of Care (rights and obligations)

( … display ) sacred behavior in commons

( … word ) non interference, non-interruption

( …. deed ) service, assistance, help, charity   (duty to help solve question, problem, etc)

( … duel ) (‘niggering’ –  right of kill)

(… intolerance )

( Human life is not intrinsically valuable. either reciprocal  and transcendent or harmful  as such reciprocity is the minimum standard for circumvention of conquest, deprivation, rule, serfdom, enslavement, and death.)

The Crimes


solutions not complaints

Our Limit To Duty of Care

( … )  rationality.  three  threes….

The first question is why not to suicide? This choice is that of personal philosophy.

The Three Choices avoidance, cooperation, predation.
The second question one must answer is why engage in cooperation rather than free riding, parasitism, and predation? This question is that of ethics.

The first question of politics (cooperation) is why don’t I kill you and take your stuff?

If we cooperate for mutual gain then I agree not to kill you and take your stuff.

If you want to conduct a positive trade with me I will not kill you and take your stuff.

If you try to blackmail me or cheat me or my friends and allies, then I will kill you and take your stuff.

It is only rational not to kill you and take your stuff if you engage in mutually beneficial exchange.

The third question, and one that a group must answer, is why engage in cooperation rather than free-riding, parasitism, and predation? This question is that of politics.

3. ???????

A Challenge to Duty of Care

(challenge someone) opportunity

3. Accusation

4. Prosecution

5. Conviction

6. Judgment

7. Restitution

8. Punishment

9. Prevention

3. Insurance

Our Failure of Duty of Care.

And should you fail in your Duty of Care, and bound by Duty of Care will be accused, brought before the court to be judged by a jury of your peers.

And should others fail their duty of care, you shall accuse them, bring them, even against their will, before the court to be judged by a jury of his peers.

Our Jurisprudence

And the court shall determine whether a harm has been done – and whether the accused possessed sufficient intent, means, motive, and opportunity for performance of the harm, or failure to prevent the harm.

If the court cannot determine if a harm has been done, ……

One may claim guilt or innocence, and trial before his peers, or trial by combat (suicide).

If the accused claims innocence or partial innocence, he may ask to argue his case before the court, or before the jury referee’d by the court.

And the court shall apportion a jury in number according to the severity of the harm, whether harmed by the individual, group, organization, cult, family, clan, tribe, nation, or civilization, by his judgment and his judgment alone.

After arguments, made before the referee of the court, and upon demand of the court, the jury shall deliver judgment, of innocent with nullification, prejudice for the accuser for dishonest accusation, innocent of the charge, innocent by uncertainty, guilty as charged, with prejudice for the accused of dishonest defense, or guilty, which shall be recorded by the court;

If innocent he shall go free. If wrongly accused in error, sue for restitution. If wrongly accused with intent harm, sue for restitution and punishment.

If guilty the court shall decide upon the demand for restitution, punishment, and punishment sufficient for the prevention of others from the same;

Whereupon the accused may appeal to a higher court if one exists, whereupon the higher court will determine and take the appeal, only if the judicial process failed.

The guilty party shall pay the costs of the court, stayed until denial of appeal.

And every Man under the defense of the law and bound by that law, having given the oath to that law, to his peers, is bound to enforce it – or likewise fail his duty of care, and shall be prosecuted as a conspirator in the crimes adjudged.

And every able-bodied man, having taken The Oath in exchange for reciprocal defense  under the law, and thereby bearing Duty of Care, under the law, for self, mate, family, kin, kith, commons and polity, shall keep and bear arms sufficient for the enforcement of The Law, whether in defense of self, as sheriff in defense of the commons, or as a warrior in defense of the polity, people, nation, and civilization.

Organization of Sovereigns

Ternary Law of Cooperation

( … )

Ternary Law of Coercions

    • Physical Coercive Power – The use of “armies and weapons” in order to coerce people to behave in a way under the threat of physical violence (physical costs).
    • Economic Coercive Power – The use of “money and assets” in order to compel people to behave in a way by the promise of material rewards (goods and services).
    • Moral Coercive Power – The use of “words and signals” in order to influence people to behave in a way by the threat of imposition of social costs (opportunity costs).


North – Physical: Military, Law, Sheriff, Limits (Limits)
West – Persistence: Family, Generations, Consumption (Demand)
East – Economic: Trade, Production, Science (Supply)
South – Moral: Fitness, Faith, Education (Ambitions)


Cooperation between the classes

Such that: 
Within Markets, we Cooperate on similar means despite differing ends.
And Compatibility and Hierarchy Despite Differences
(tripartism > quadripartite-ism )

1. Force and Order
“Those Who Fight” > (Generation of Limits: Order)
… … Those Who Enforce The Natural Law; (Military, Judiciary, Sheriffs)

2. Remuneration and Production
“Those Who Discover” > (Generation of Opportunity)
… … Those who discover resources, science, technology, information
“Those Who Organize” > (Generation of Supply)
… … Those Who Organize:  Those Who Labor Under the Natural and Physical laws
… … (Middle Class);
“Those Who Labor” > (Generation of Transformation)
… … Those Who Labor Under The Natural and Physical Laws;
… … (Lower middle, Working, Laboring):

3. Exclusion, Inclusion and Care
“Those Who Reproduce” > (Generation of Generations)
… … Mothers and their Offspring
“Those Who Depend” > (Generation of Insurance)
… … The Aged, The Unable, Disabled, and Infirmed.
“Those Who Pray” > (Generation of Demand)
… … Those Who Teach The Natural and Physical Laws  (Academy);

Our Organization of Sovereign States
States serve as a Market for Polities that produce Suitable Commons.

Organization of States
The only form of organization (order) possible under Sovereignty is:

The Military: The Monopoly Production of Order
A Military Consisting of:
… A Universal Militia of Every Able Sovereign Man
… A Set of Regiments for every Region
… A Standing Military of Professional Warriors.

The Judiciary: Rule: Market for Resolution of Differences
Rule of Law
of Reciprocity by the Juris Europaei
An Independent Judiciary
A Constitution as a Contract of Terms Between Sovereigns.

The Government: Market for Commons
The Production of Organization
A Corporation called The State
… A Set of Assets of the State
… A Treasury for the State
… An Insurer of Last Resort
A Hereditary Monarchy as the Judge of Last Resort
A Cabinet of Professional Executives
…  The Military, The State (Trade), The Treasury, The Insurer of Last Resort
A Market for the Commons Consisting of:
… A House of Territories called the Senate
… A House of Commerce
… A House of Commons
… A House of Family

The Economy: Market for Consumption
The Market for Goods, Services, Information.
The Trades, Arts and Sciences
The People

The Family: Market for Generations
A Church a Religion
The School, Trades, Academy
The Families

The Markets for Failure:
The Court to punish individuals and groups for failure under our Law
The Vote To Punish Government and Cabinet for failure under our Law
The Militia to Punish Monarchy for failure under our Law

Our Organization of Sovereign Empires
Empires serve for the Federation of States

Rule of Law of Reciprocity by the Juris Europaei
An Independent Judiciary
A Constitution as a Contract of Terms Between States.
A Corporation called The Empire
… A Set of Assets of the Empire
… A Treasury for the Empire
… An Insurer of Last Resort
A Hereditary Emperor as the Judge of Last Resort
A Cabinet of Professional Executives
…  The Military, The State (Trade), The Treasury, The Insurer of Last Resort
A Market for the Commons Consisting of:
… A House of Territories called the Senate

The Benefit of Empire is :

Discounts on Scale of the Military
Discounts on Trade Negotiations
Discounts on Borrowing(Debt) Capacity
Discounts on Resolution of Disputes between States

Our Success in Transcendence

The European peoples are able to evolve genetically, culturally, economically, technologically and scientifically faster than all other peoples because of our traditions of self determination, sovereignty, reciprocity, truth, duty, excellence, heroism, rule of law and jury, and markets in all aspects of life, where the market for suppression of parasitism we call the law, and the market for reciprocity in the production of goods, services, and information, evolve as rapidly as possible, thereby advancing productive innovations in each other’s interests, and suppression innovations in parasitism against others interests, in exchange for softly suppresses the rates of reproduction of the underclasses, thereby allowing us to divert proceeds from our production to the commons, and the higher returns for all from those commons, the most important of which are truth before face, trust, artistic, scientific, technological, economic adaptive and and innovative velocity, and the prosperity, joy, and peace of mind that results from it.

Western civilization is not the first, but it is the fastest, in the prehistoric, ancient, and modern worlds, sovereignty expands human ability most rapidly for the simple reason that market rule, limited by natural law. creates both the most incentive to innovate and change, and the least resistance to innovation and change, that are possible at any given moment.

Our Oath of Rule

The state’s only power is violence. That power comes from its claim to a geographic monopoly on violence. That is what a state is: a group of men who lay claim to a monopoly on violence. All actions which compel a person to do other than he wishes in the use of his property, his body and his time in the peaceful and honest exchange of goods, services, information, and affection, are acts of violence. Consequently, there is no action that a state needs to take, and therefore no action a state can possibly take, by the application of law, that is not an act of violence no matter the form or ceremony the state drapes over such actions. A state is the administration of organized violence.

The state exists, and possesses that monopoly on violence, because men grant their capacity for violence to the state, so that it may dispense it as needed from a judicial bench – military and civilian. By granting our violence to the state we remove from ourselves the daily administrative responsibility of parenting society, defending life and property, and resolving conflicts over property, so that we may devote ourselves to the pursuit of specialization in our division of knowledge and labor, and thereby develop our skills so that we can achieve our ambitions, and amuse ourselves, in whatever way we see fit, while decreasing the cost for others to do the same. By the act of granting our violence to the state, we assume that our violence is justly dispensed on our behalf. That is the term of our agreement with the state. It is what makes a man a citizen by choice rather than a subject or slave.

We are all capable of violence. It can never be taken from us as long as we live. We carry it with us as a constant potential. It grows, it matures, and it dissipates with age. It is not a right, or a privilege, because rights and privileges are things we give to each other. Violence is not given, it simply exists in all men at all times. Some of us are wealthier in violence than others. Some men are capable of very little violence, some men are capable of physical violence, some men capable of organized rabble and protest, and some of us, men like me, capable of revolution and civil war. as such, we do not contribute our violence to the state in equal measure.

The state’s power to organize society by way of its laws, institutions, and processes is an illusion constructed by the accumulation of habits in the citizenry; habits which are perpetuated by the daily use of those habits, and where those habits are reinforced by small and instructional displays of violence by the state, so that it may maintain the illusion of a monopoly on violence, and therefore encourage among the citizens, the retention of those habits. The potential for violence within the citizenry vastly outweighs the limited violence that can be distributed by the state. It is a credit to our habits that so little violence need be distributed at any one time that the illusion of the state monopoly can be preserved so cheaply, by so few people, and using so little violence. The actors in the state, in whatever capacity, who make use of my violence on our behalf, are few and comparatively weak. And the state can only dispense my violence, on my behalf, from a judicial bench, because of the illusion of strength that comes from the presence of those habits, and its promise of enforcement by the grant of violence from citizens.

As long as any agent of the state justly parents nation, tribes, clans, families and individuals to reach their greatest potential, as long as any agent of the state justly resolves differences in property, as long as any agent of the state protects life and property — any agents of the state have my consent to maintain that illusion of strength, and to dispense my violence on my behalf to maintain those habits, and that illusion, so that all men may continue to participate in productive exchange, or in humble amusement in the activity of their daily affairs.

But if for one moment, you seek to treat me unjustly, and you begin to believe your own illusion, and you forget that you are dispensing my violence on my behalf, and you seek to treat me not as a citizen who bestows upon you my violence, to be justly administered, but a subject who must obey rules, and if you believe and act as though the law exists not as a convenient tool for the resolution of differences between peers, but a command or scripture that I must obey as a subject, then it is not only my right, but my duty to myself my people, to take from you my given violence, and to remind you if I can, and teach you if I must, that the source of that violence is in its citizens; so that the state understands those habits, their cause, and purpose.

If I must remind the state, I hope it is by this simple, gentle oratory. If that will not suffice, I will not resort to the display of petty personal violence, nor to the disorder of rabblery and protest. Because that is not the capacity of violence that I gave to the state. Then I will instead raise an army and show you what violence it is that I do restrain so that you are once again reminded that you are an actor on my behalf, and that of my fellow citizens, and nothing more. And if you doubt for a moment that I can do such a thing, I will be only so happy to prove it to you, by starting in this very room, on this very day, if necessary.

This duty is what it means to be a citizen; to grant your violence to the state so that it may be justly administered; and to dismantle that state should it unjustly use your given violence.

Foolish men find comfort in the sameness of life, without understanding that such constancy, and the illusion of control we have over our daily affairs, can be rapidly changed by one small spark, one man’s choice, one seemingly random act. Foolish men and even more foolish women, believe habits and rules are truths and words of material substance, rather than conveniences; that their power is divine or systemic, and that their methods and rules are wise and scientific, rather than the accidental, pragmatic and convenient efforts of simple men fitfully crafting an edifice in anticipation of the turbulent events of an unknown future. These rules and ideas are nothing more than the limited judgments, habits, and fantasies of such men, however well their intentions.

And if at any point such foolish men lose sight of the fact that these convenient methods and tools are less important than, and subservient to, the men whose lives are affected by the use of my violence on my behalf, or if such foolish men forget that rules have no wisdom of their own, without the wisdom to interpret them, and that the use of them must result in the betterment of each man, then, they have forgotten the purpose of those rules. That purpose is the perfection of each individual man, and in that perfection, to parent each generation that follows so that it may reach its greatest potential. The perfection of man is our only just purpose, not the perfection of our methods and tools, or the ease and efficiency by which we administer them. The man is important, not the rules.

And I will not allow my violence to be misused against any man. And in particular I will not allow the abuse of my fellow citizens or of myself for no other than methodological or procedural reasons, so that another man, an agent of the state, whose only power comes from my given violence, may be absolved of the difficulty and effort expended in justly administering the violence I so entrusted to him. I will not permit men to suffer for another man’s laziness, or folly, when it is my violence at the expense of my fellow men, that he wields in order to obtain such leisure.

And when a citizen is abused by the criminalization of administrative rules, of petty regulatory processes and efficiencies, or of manners and disrespect of the court so that it can maintain its illusion and habituation, or when he is abused by prosecutors who are the worst ideological acolytes and to whose advantage these rules are biased, or when he is abused by the state’s staff, composed of common people endowed by procedure with powers incommensurate with their abilities, and the ability to abdicate responsibility for treating citizens with manners and good service, the state engages in the most heinous form of laziness, and the most intolerable misuse of our violence on our behalf.

Revolutions are not made from single heinous crimes, but from the compounded layering of administrative abuses of citizens. It is not only citizens that must develop habits, but the state, for it is the state who must use greater manners when dispensing our violence, whether that violence is dispensed from the court, the prosecution, the staff, the police, and especially when doing so inspires the understandable and desirable disgust and displeasure of those men unjustly victimized because of the state’s laziness and irresponsibility with our violence.

If the state’s ambition is the restitution of property, or the collection of collection for contract violations, even social contract violations, or procedural errors, for which such fines are simply a form of restitution, then this is its duty, so granted by us. but if it is punishment rather than restitution that the state seeks to render, then I do not, and no citizen should, permit any man to punish me, and will return that punishment in kind. Restitution is the means by which we correct errors, selfish weakness, and human frailties among peers and is the only reason we give our violence to the state to administer on our behalf. Punishment is the submission of slaves to an authority. If you seek to punish me, or my fellow citizens, rather than to give restitution, you seek to enslave us. and I will not suffer your enslavement, nor tolerate the enslavement of my fellow citizens.

Foolish men have come to believe that by legislation, regulation, and dictate, unlike the law, is likened to the laws of physics: that they are tools that override our wisdom and senses, and which if followed produce scientific results. But this is an error. Laws are principles for wise men to refer to, no different from myths, traditions, and stories, to make use of in resolving conflicts among men, providing restitution in the case of loss, so that we may exchange property instead of violence, cooperate peacefully in doing so, and develop specialization so that we may increase productivity in safety, decrease the cost of goods and services to each other because of specialization and competition, and therefore improve the quality of our lives, at lowest cost and risk.

I say this because I love life. I love mankind. I love my fellow citizens. I love each one of them. Fit or not, wise or not, young or old, wealthy or poor, healthy or ill. and I would gladly give my life in their defense, rather than allow someone, in his foolhardy and misguided illusion, to use my violence against them unjustly. And it is that statement, its passion, and conviction, and its promise of consequence, that makes me a citizen and no other.

So, I ask you to understand this appeal: I do not fear you. and you need not fear me if you are just, and care for my people.

But if you are unjust, and do not understand what I have said, then fear me. if you do not fear me then I must make you fear me. I must teach you the accountancy of the state, and its currency of violence. So that you never forget the origin of the violence you wield on our behalf, and in doing so abuse or enslave me or my fellow citizens.

The state must fear its citizens. It is the duty of citizens to maintain that fear. That fear is the fear of violence. I am a citizen by the granting of my violence. The violence that we give to the state, the violence that we possess as men, and is only granted to the state under the condition that it be administered justly, on our behalf, to parent the society, to protect life and property, to resolve conflicts over property, and to administer restitution for conflicts over property. For those reasons and no other.

Our Natural Religion

The Demand for Sovereignty creates a “The Cult of Non-Submission.”

The Creed: 

A European, a Pagan(heathen), a Christian, an Aryan, a Warrior, a Man Transcendent

(Needs  Updating) (  … )

am a Heathen if 1) I accept the laws of nature as binding on all of existence; and 2) if I treat nature as sacred and to be contemplated, protected and improved; and 3) I treat the world as something to transform closer to an Eden in whatever ways I can before I die; and And 6) if I leave open that synchronicity appears to exist now and then, and that it may be possible that there is a scientific explanation for it, other than just humans subject to similar stimuli producing similar intuitions and therefore similar ends.

As far as I know, this is all that is required of me to be a Heathen.

I am a Pagan If 1) I deny the existence of a supreme being with dominion over the physical laws, and 2) treat all gods, demigods, heroes, saints, figures of history, and ancestors and archetypes for groups of ancestors whom I may seek to imitate/emulate/aspire to, to whom I may speak in public thanks, and with whom I may speak to in private contemplation in the hope of gaining wisdom and synchronicity from having done so. And 3) if I participate with others of my society in the recognition of debts, the repetition of oaths, repetition of myths, repetition of festivals, repetition of holidays, and the perpetuation of all of theses to my children, kin, and kith.

As far as I know, this is all that is required of me to be a Pagan.

am a Christian if I have adopted the teaching of Christianity: 1) the eradication of hatred from the human heart. 2) the extension of kinship love and forgiveness to one’s people. 3) the demand for personal acts of charity and personal cost, 4) the extension of exhaustive forgiveness before punishment, enserfment, enslavement, death, or war.

As far as I know, this is all that is required of me to be a Christian.

am an Aryan if 1) I proudly display my excellences so that others seek to achieve or exceed them; 2) I seek competition to constantly test and improve myself so I do not weaken; 3) I swear to speak no insult and demand it; 4) I speak the truth and demand it; 5) I take nothing not paid for and demand it; 6) I grant sovereignty to my kin and demand it; 7) I insure my people regardless of condition, and demand it; and in doing so leave nothing but voluntary markets of cooperation between sovereign men; and to discipline, enserf, enslave, ostracize or kill those who do otherwise; 8) to not show fear or cowardice, abandon my brothers, or retreat, and 9) to die a good death in the service of my kin, my clan, my tribe, and my people.

As far as I know, this is all that is required of me to be an Aryan.

am a Warrior in that 1) we will prepare for war so perfectly that none dare enter it against us. 2) Once we go to war, we do so with joy, with eagerness, and with passion, and without mercy, without constraint, and without remorse; And 3) before ending war, we shall defeat an enemy completely such that no other dares a condition of our enemy, and the memory of the slaughter lives a hundred generations.

As far as I know, this is all that is required of me to be a Warrior.

I am a Saint if …

I am a Woman if  ..

A am a Man if …

I am a European If ….

We are Europeans if  …

We have Transcended Into Gods If …

As far as I know, if I succeed as a Heathen, as a Christian, as an Aryan, as a Warrior, then I have transcended the animal man, and earned my place among the saints, heroes, demigods, gods, in the memories, histories, and legends of man.

And that is the objective of heroes, demigods, and gods. We leave the rest for ordinary men.

Our Law of Gods

The Law of God, if There Is One Is ‘Win’.

If there is a god, his only law was entropy (dissipation)

The only law of biochemistry is accumulation of information to defeat entropy (memory).
The only law of life is accumulation of information to defeat of entropy and reproduce (reproduction).
The only law of organisms is accumulation of information to defeat entropy and compete with other organisms (evolution).
The only law of sentient organisms is accumulating enough information to defeat entropy and other organisms by cooperation (reciprocity).
The only law of conscious organisms is accumulating enough information to defeat entropy, organisms, and their production, by calculation (instrumentation).
The only law of calculating organisms is accumulation of enough information to defeat evolution (eugenics).
The only law of eugenic organisms is accumulation of enough information to defeat entropy and transcend into gods.
Defeat of entropy but accumulating information until we transcend into gods.

The Choice of Relationship with Gods

( … )  what relationshp do we have with our gods?

The Choice of Gods

Europeans are the gods among men, and first among men. Not because we are yet gods ourselves. But because we think, speak, write, work, create, and spread the evidence of God’s words, his hands, and his will in the language of god’s words, hands, and will: Mathematics (geometry), Science, Economics, and Natural Law of Sovereign Men.

For gods must be Sovereign, Omniscient and Omnipotent. And only Sovereign men may transcend into peerage with gods.

And that’s why European man has almost exclusively dragged mankind out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, suffering, and early death by mastery of god’s word, written in god’s hand – against other’s false gods, failed translations, and men’s lies.

And if European man did not drag a people out of ignorance, hard labor, poverty, starvation, diseases, suffering and early death using god’s words, then those people are suffering because god punishes them for their false gods, failed translations, and men’s lies.

And for all people, we are challenged to choose which god is the true god: an impersonal god who tests our ability to achieve sovereignty, omniscience and omniscience by learning his words, hands, and will; a god with whom we trade as allies; or a god who we obey as slaves.

Will you transcend into gods, remain a client, or obey as slave?

Our Law Regarding Others

Our Terms of Cooperation

We prefer to cooperate morally – meaning beneficially – with you.

If we cannot cooperate beneficially with you on fully moral terms – meaning without parasitism, then we have only four choices:

1) Pay the cost of your parasitism and suffer the consequences, in exchange for avoiding the cost of defending against your parasitism.

2) Boycott you and bearing the costs of boycotting you in exchange for avoiding the cost of transforming you into a moral individual or group.

3) Colonize you and bear the cost of evolving you, in exchange for creating a valued member of mankind.

4) Conquering you and bearing the cost of exterminating you in exchange for freedom from your parasitism.

So, you have a choice: limit your actions to productive, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary transfer, constrained to externalities under the same conditions.

Or we will eventually colonize and reform you, or conquer and exterminate you.

You may have the ambition of mere survival. Our ambition is to make mankind moral. For it is only in moral mankind that the evil and immoral are exterminated forever, and man is transcended into the gods we aspire to.

Exceptionaless Reciprocity.

( … ) If you do x, we do x.

The Unfit

When you seek any condition other than sovereignty, the natural law of reciprocity, markets in everything, including Nations, then you are UNFIT to cohabitate with Europeans, UNFIT to govern with Europeans, and UNFIT to govern Europeans – whether your UNFITNESS may be genetic, cultural, religious or any combination thereof.

The UNFIT may not rule the Fit. The Unfit may separate from Fit. The Fit may conquer, rule, and domesticate the Unfit into Fitness. But it is a crime against our people, and a crime against mankind to pollute the Fit with the Unfit: whether genetic, cultural, or religious or any combination thereof.

If the Truth is not enough, and therefore law is not enough, then you are weak – and lack the agency necessary for demands of reciprocity between sovereigns. As such you may not rule, or govern, and may have only liberty(capital), freedom(property), and subsidy(insurance), by permission, as the sovereign see fit. And you may purchase liberty, freedom, subsidy, and defense under the natural law of sovereigns, by acts of military and civic defense of the commons, civil contribution by payment of fees, and the reciprocal defense of the subsidy, property, and liberty of peers.

Enemies of The Brotherhood of Men

We talk of rule of law, but Rule of Law is our defense against the dysgenic, parasitic, envious, and evil. We mention sovereignty, and Transcendence. We rarely mention reciprocal insurance of that sovereignty of all men by all other men. And we never mention that reciprocal insurance creates a brotherhood of men – which is the civil society we all desire – and the means by which we enjoy the labor of transcending man into gods.

As for the enemies of the brotherhood of men:

We don’t use the Truth to convince you. You are immoral, dishonest, dysgenic and lack the agency to use the Truth. We use the Truth to convince ourselves, who are moral, honest, eugenic, and possess of agency, that it is right, just and moral, to separate from you – and if not, then conquer, kill, enslave, en-serf, and subjugate you in self-defense – not only of ourselves – but of all we have made, and the future of mankind yet unmade.

We alone possess agency, will to create sovereignty, and demand for transcendence. There is no transcendence, no sovereignty, no agency for the weak, the cowardly, the timid, or the dim. And no liberty, nor freedom, nor subsidy for any if we fail.

Our Great Enterprise

—“Europeans do not know how to live unless they are engaged in some great enterprise. When this is lacking, they grow petty and feeble and their souls disintegrate.”—José Ortega y Gasset, Spanish Philosopher

This is our next great enterprise. To rid humanity of the Abrahamic falsehoods whether they be supernatural, sophistry, or pseudoscience.

The revolt against us in the ancient world brought about a dark age – we were far too tolerant.

The Abrahamic revolt against us in the modern world using collectivist pseudoscience and postmodern sophism, and the systematic use of pilpul and critique in the reputation destruction of our great civilization – a civilization that has dragged humanity out of ignorance, superstition, poverty, starvation, hard labor, disease, suffering, child mortality, early death, and the vicissitudes of nature. This revolt against civilization has not yet been stopped – we have been too tolerant.

The most intolerant of peoples wins.

We must rule by our law, out of self-defense, and drag mankind kicking and screaming once again by transcendence into the gods we may yet be, in a universe hostile to all but gods.

Transcendence by Agency, Sovereignty, Reciprocity, Truth, Duty, Markets in Everything: the continuous calculation of our ascent into godhood.

Until we know better, the universe is ours to convert into a Garden, Whether the Man’s Valhalla, or Woman’s Eden.

No Law is Higher than This Law – No law can be higher than this law.


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