A list of our known bugs.


Please report bugs in the contact form here: Contact Form


Format: severity – location – (role effected) – description

Roles: admin, instructor, editor, user, visitor, all


  • 1- crashes system or destroys data ,
  • 2- breaks required functionality no workaround,
  • 3 – breaks required functionality with workaround,
  • 4 – limited functionality or does not work as expected,
  • 5 – appearance and presentation issue
  • 6 – postponable,
  • 7 – works as designed will not change.

Institute Issues

  • 5 – Home Page – (all) – Headline text does not scale sufficiently going off screen in mobile and causing left-right shift in the page. Solution is to create separate headlines for mobile scale. (which is an hour’s worth of frustrating work).
  • 5 – Terms and Conditions Page – (all) – needs deep edit and legal review.
  • 5 – FAQ Page – (all) – needs additional help and video content.
  • 4 – Blog – (all) – Embedding link to other blog entries includes the sidebar, which means an absurd number of requests and slow responses as well as confusing display for the user. I do not know how to turn off embedding. Asking devs.
    • Update: this is a ‘feature’ apparently. Raw URLs need to be updated to links, and links will not cause embedding.

Dev Issues

  • 3 – Education Profile – Gradebook Page – Pagination not rendering.  We have submitted this issue to the devs.
    • Update 8/20: Still not fixed by devs.
  • 4 – Courses List, Course Categories, Course Collections – (all) – Data entry form includes long description that should appear below the location list, and above the list header, but does not. We have submitted this bug to the devs.
  • 3 – Courses > Content Drip – (all) – the “content-drip” feature does not recognize when Assignments are completed, so it is not possible to use the content drip feature whenever a series of lessons, assignments, and quizzes includes an Assignment.  This means that the only means of dripping content is by date or date difference, instead of after an instructor grades an assignment.
  • 4 – Courses > Content Drip General – (instructors) – The content drip feature does not ‘clean up’ after itself, nor is the code correctly checking the ‘settings’ for the content drip.


  • 5 – User Profile-Activity Page – (user) – ‘profile’ tab is second after activity rather than last. This sorting is apparently weighted and we can fix it if the devs respond.
  • 4 – User Profile-Activity Page – (user) – xprofile settings and profile settings are split between education and membership profiles. This is a defect in the architecture of the application and we would have to pay the developers to fix it – with low confidence in success.
  • 3 – Courses > Quizzes – (all) – Quiz functionality does not allow for short text and long text answers, and for instructors to manually grade them. Meanwhile, Assignments do not allow for short text, long text, multiple choice etc.  We have asked the developers to implement this functionality but we are assuming we will have to pay for it.

Note: the underlying code is not exactly written in modern architecture, but wordpress architecture’s event system. So there is too little in templates and too much in function calls. And so I can’t find it.



  • 5 – About Us Page – (visitor) – Marketing Text is incomplete for mission statement and a few other things. (Will fill in when I feel ‘it’s right’.
  • 3 – Email System – (admin) – Email config for SMTP is causing issues, and field-substitution not processing in received emails. (Fixed)
  • 2 – Email Verification – For some reason I can’t get this to work. (Fixed)
  • 3 – User Profile-Activity Page – (user) – Unable to resize profile images due to template’s bug: loss of settings in Appearance > Customize > General > Styles. This  has been reported to the devs. I think it may work from the course > profile page if not here, so I might shut this off.
  • 5 – Blog – (all) –  Month Metadata does not appear when marking a post as ‘sticky’ (stick to the top). Fix added to CSS.
  • 5 – Blog – (all) – not displaying the year under the date.  This setting is available and set, but does not respond. Looks like ignored in the code. Asking devs.
  • 2 – Courses > Content Drip (all) – Users unable to continue submission of course material. (hacked: but in underlying assignment code is not registering complete assignments)
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