20 April


—“CURT: DO YOU BELIEVE IN/SUPPORT RACIALISM?— (choice quotes here) (I view this, and all racial questions, as stupid but here is my answer.) I don’t know what that means. I …

17 March

The Functions of the Classes

THE FUNCTIONS OF THE CLASSES (propertarian class theory) ——UPPER——- TOOL OF COERCION: FORCE – MILITARY, LAW, SHERIFF 1) UPPER – PRODUCTION OF ORDER (SOVEREIGNTY) Rule Economyt (Aristocracy Profit from the …

01 October

Levels of Education

CALCULATION (PREDICTION) 140 Physics and Econometrics (applied mathematics) (ORGANIZATION OF ENTROPY) BIOLOGICAL ENGINEERING (ORGANIZATION OF GROWTH) 130 Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, ENGINEERING (CONSTRUCTION) 120 computer science (language), electronic engineering ( fields …

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