The State of the Books

Each of these books is currently at some degree of completeness, with regular revisions necessary as the foundations improve. 

When will they be done?  When they’re done. Why? Because continuous improvement causes continuous revisions, almost all of which simplify, clarify, and shorten the work. So instead of one 1500 page tome, I’ve broken the work into volumes as needed. It’s a life’s work, not driven by publishing schedule or revenue demands, or income. I would prefer to reduce these ideas to the most unassailable arguments possible in the most compact form possible, and time has allowed me to do that. I feel as though the research on the project is complete – although I’ve had that feeling before. 😉

  1. The Natural Law of The Europeans (“Lex Europaei”) (80%) – A very short book or pamphlet for Eurocentric audiences.
  2. The Natural Law for Dummies – The book most of you will prefer. It teaches just the methodology. (10%)
  3. The American Constitutional Reformation (80%) – See our Reforms link for the constitutional reformation.
  4. The Natural Law – And Its Application – This is “The Big Book” (60%)
  5. The Natural Religion – Added this year (20%) – Added this year since I’ve finally made enough progress to address it.
  6. The Prosecution of Abrahamism (80%) – This is the book that the right-wing most wants – the case against the left.
  7. The Prosecution of Libertarianism (90%) – This has been largely complete since 2018 but needs revision given new findings. 

In addition to the books:

  • We are producing the course material, and teaching the foundations course, which should provide closure to the Books.
  • We are producing The Choice podcast episodes, which are a little more geared to civil war and our choice of futures.
  • There are thousands of pages of posts in the archive. These posts serve as a record (diary) of the development of the ideas over the past decade or so.