“The Natural Law of European Peoples”: A fully commensurable system of measurement across all disciplines that tests for reciprocity in display, word (truth) and deed (action); the extension of the logic of the physical sciences (realism, naturalism, equilibration) to the psychological (individual) and social (group) sciences using economic terms (acquisition, cooperation, reciprocity); thereby completing the scientific method (falsification of all possible dimensions of human cognition); thereby completing the Aristotelian program; and thereby providing the explanation for the success of Western civilization under that program: sovereignty, reciprocity, and truth – and the markets that result from their universal enforcement, along with the evolutionary velocity (adaptation, innovation) that results from those markets.

Propertarianism consists of:

1 – The completion of the scientific method and all that it entails – which is a lot – hence why P is such a big program: it touches every discipline, and it converts almost all psychological, social, and political speech into economic expressions – which is counter-intuitive because it’s scientific whereas our current psychological, social, moral, and political speech is only normative or, in the case of psychology, sociology, and politics, both pseudoscientific and sophomoric.
We call this Testimonialism (Metaphysics, Epistemology, Psychology, Ethics, Sociology, Politics)

2 – The explanation for Western success in both the ancient and modern worlds (adaptive velocity because of our individual sovereignty resulting in the traditional law of property/tort) and the explanation for the Dark Ages as well as the current attempt to repeat them that we see as undermining Western civilization.
We call this the Western Group Evolutionary Strategy.

3 – The explanation of the different systems of argument used in the different civilizations, and in particular, the Abrahamic means of deceit used in the ancient world (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) and in the modern world (Marxism, Feminism, Postmodernism, Denialism/Political Correctness).
We call this The Grammars (deflationary, testimonial, ordinary, fictional, and the fictionalisms)

4 – A constitution, body of law, and attendant policies that restore the American, English, Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Western Indo-European, constitution (contract among sovereigns) and hardens it from future undermining by creating a legal means for the prosecution of the crimes of undermining, including religious (Jewish  and Islamic), pseudoscientific, and sophomoric (Marx, Freud, Boas, Adorno, Derrida, Friedan, plus Marxism, Postmodernism, Feminism, and Denialism/Political Correctness) methods of undermining, as well as the financing of undermining through prohibiting rent-seeking, privatization of commons, and socialization of losses.
We call this a new or updated constitution.

5 – A set of policies (Acts) under that constitution that form the most substantial political, social, economic, and financial reform since the Roman era – restoring the civil society.
We call these the reforms: the policies under the constitution

6 – A set of Restitutions and Punishments that serve to return wealth to the American people, punish those who have engaged in undermining our people, and prevent repeats of undermining our people – or other peoples – in the future.
We call these the Restitutions

7 – A program of revolution and the restitution of the constitution of natural law and our European strategy that we have used to drag ourselves and mankind out of ignorance, superstition, oppression, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, suffering, child mortality, early death, and the chaos of a nature all but hostile to our existence. And an explanation of why the world is our debtor and hates us for it.
We’ll call this the Revolution


We create both the Positive Market for goods, services, and information in competition with the Negative Market for suppression, restitution, punishment, and prevention of falsehood and ir-reciprocity by the Natural Common Law of Tort that evolves scientifically through the demonstrated resolution of disputes in real world conflicts. So we create a market where people have the ultimate sovereignty (monopoly of control), liberty (choose your own destiny), and freedom (free of coercion) in a competition between market cooperation (the markets) and markets for conflict resolution (courts), so long as they act by truthful and reciprocal means.

We had these rights under our common traditional law throughout most of our history but they have been stolen from us over the past century – on purpose, to destroy our civilization.

But how can we restore our use of the law for the purpose of suppressing crimes against our people?

This is how:

  1. Do you know what a formal logic is? It’s a grammar of the logic of inference using sets and binary truth or falsehood.
  2. Do you know what programming is? It’s a grammar of operational logic using binary truth or falsehood.
  3. Do you know what law is? It’s a formal, operational, and rational grammar of conflict resolution, using ternary falsehood, truth candidacy, and undecidability.
  4. Do you know what tort law is? It’s a formal, rational, operational grammar of conflict resolution over demonstrated interests that we enumerate as property using the ternary logic of falsehood, truth candidacy, and undecidability.

And so:

5. Propertarianism is a formal (strict) operational (sequential action) grammar (vocabulary, grammar, syntax, logic) of Tort (demonstrated interests) and as a          consequence is a value-neutral universal language (vocabulary, grammar, syntax, logic) across all disciplines (physical science, language-metaphysics, psychology, sociology, politics, ethics, law, group strategy), that allows us to falsify (test) every possible dimension of human action, intuition, cognition, and speech for both testimonial possibility (truth) and reciprocity (ethics, morality, trespass, tort). As a consequence it allows us to create uninterpretable (strictly constructed) constitutions and their enumerated rights and responsibilities, the most influential of which is the conversion of free speech to free truthful and reciprocal speech, in public, to the public, on matters public (commerce, economics, commons, politics, group strategy) by extending the involuntary warranty of due diligence and involuntary liability for the truthfulness and reciprocity of commercial speech to that of political speech.

(If you need to, read this post on the meaning of Grammars so you know what a Grammar means in Propertarianism.)

As such, Propertarianism (which we abbreviate as P, P-Logic, P-Law, P-Ethics, P-Testimony) allows us to outlaw hostile propaganda, false promises, ideologies, philosophies, religions, and pseudo-religions, especially the pseudoscientific and sophomoric restatements of supernatural Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in the pseudoscientific, sophomoric, and ir-reciprocal terms of: Marxism, Socialism, Feminism, Postmodernism, and Political Correctness (Denialism).

Propertarianism is equivalent in scope to the revolution of Aristotelian reason (Realism, Naturalism, Reason) and the Empirical Revolution (Realism, Naturalism, Empiricism), in that it completes the scientific method by extending it from the physical sciences to the psychological and social sciences, including law, politics, and group strategy.

In other words:

Propertarianism consists of the completion of the Scientific Method; its application to the totality of human knowledge; the subsequent production of a universally commensurable language of all thought; its embodiment in the common law of tort; resulting in a logical and scientific law and constitution; permitting the criminalization of ir-reciprocal and un-testifiable display, word (speech), and deed, and as a consequence permitting the eradication of superstition, pseudoscience, sophism, fraud, and deceit from the commercial, financial, economic, political, and informational commons.

Propertarianism is (a) the completion of the Aristotelian program (b) the completion of the Scientific Method (c ) the logic and science of the social sciences, (d) the Natural Law of Reciprocity under which all display, word, and deed is expressible and commensurable, (e) the means of institutionalizing a “Market for the Suppression of Fraud”, and (f) the suppression of the greatest crime against humanity: the big lies that are responsible for the last Dark Age and the new one that the enemy has sought to bring about.

. . .


Heroism and Excellence; Truth and Duty; Oath and Warranty; Sovereignty and Reciprocity; Law and Jury; And Voluntary Markets in Every Aspect of Life: Association, Cooperation, Production, Reproduction, Commons, Polities and War; The direction of surpluses to the production of commons and the returns therefrom; at the cost of suppression of the reproduction of the unproductive underclasses; and the Direction of Dominance Expression to the Production of Commons by a Distributed Dictatorship of Individually Sovereign People and the Reciprocal Warranty of Denial of Power To Any and All.”

. . .

The Law of Nature
The Natural Law of Sovereign Men

De Lege Naturae : The Law of Nature
De Arte Testimonii : The Science of Testimony
De Philosophia Aristocratiae : The Philosophy of Aristocracy
De Scriptura Nobilitatis : The Scripture of Nobility
De Professione Regum: The Art of Kings
Viridis Bibliis Homines Europeii : The Green European Bible

The Talmud to deceive
The Bible to undermine 
The Koran to conquer
The Manifesto to steal
The General-Theory to impoverish
The Critique to exterminate

The Truth to make us free
The Law to keep us free

The Natural Law of Reciprocity

The Inviolable Law of the European People

“The White Law” to Replace the Talmud, Bible, and Koran