Curt was born in Bristol Connecticut in 1959, and from the age of two, was raised in rural Canandaigua New York. The family returned to Connecticut in 1976, where he graduated from St. Francis Xavier – a local private boy’s school. He attended the University of Hartford, where he spent one year in engineering, one year in pre-law (political science) before switching to and completing four years in Fine Art and Art History. He either founded or was a principle in a series of technology companies in the greater Northwest, before retiring early to work on philosophy full time, where he founded the Propertarian Institute. He has been married (and divorced) three times, and as of 2012 he resides in Kiev Ukraine. Where he has “… a front row seat to observe the struggle of the Ukrainian people to become a Nation.”

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—“I do universal nationalism under the natural law of sovereignty and reciprocity. Why? Because natural law judges it as the only not-immoral means of cooperation. But that doesn’t tell you much. Instead it’s because “all men are distant relations cooperating to raise their people by the production of those goods, services, information and commons, best suited to our people, despite our differences in rate of development bias in temperament and bias in distribution of abilities.” And if we construct states as extensions of the family, household, clan, tribe, and nation, we have elites who serve the interests of their people on their terms, and the smallest proximity-to-influence-and power that is possible. And we ameliorate our differences  and limit our conflict, not through politics, power, and commons, but through trade of information, goods, and services. If we do otherwise, under globalism, we put all people into competition, where there is one small global elite with interests in one another, and a host of common people suffering their rule. So there is no system of rule superior to universal nationalism, with limited tolerance for temporary migration of elites for trade purposes – but prohibiting them from local political enfranchise and social involvement, and public speech.”-

Aphorisms and Quotes That Educate, Inform, and Inspire

On Western Civilization

The Origin of Our Prosperity

“We are not wealthier than cave men, we have merely made everything unimaginably cheaper by voluntarily cooperating in a vast division of perception, cognition, knowledge, advocacy and labor.”


“The Cult of Noun-Submission.” 

Sovereignty is Only Possible Under Natural Law.

Natural Law is Only Possible Under Market Law.

Market Law is only Possible Under Common Law.

Common Law is only possible under Testimonial Law.

Testimonial Law is only Possible Under Testimonial Truth

Testimonial Truth is only Possible Under Physical Law.

Physical Law is Possible only under Determinism.

Determinism is Possible only if the universe demonstrates Regularity.

Regularity is only possible to know if we possess Memory and Reason.

Memory creates the possibility of acting to alter the course of regular events.

Reason creates the possibility of inventing increasingly complex means of acting.

Acting allows us to obtain the difiErence between our expenditure and capture of emery.

Capturing energy allows us to defeat the dark forces of ignorance, entropy, and time.

Western civilization is not the first. But it is the fastest in the prehistoric, ancient, and modern worlds. Sovereignty expands human ability most rapidly for the simple reason that market rule, limited by natural law. creates both the most. incentive to innovate and change, and the least resistance to innovation and change, that are possible at any given moment.

The Social Science, and Aristocratic Religion, of Western Civilization

Natural Law is an non-obvious term

–“Natural Law is an non-obvious term. It refers to that rules necessary for cooperation in the production of flourishing. But that is that rule? Since the first question of cooperation must be ‘Why do I not kill you and take your land, women, and things?’ And since the answer is that by eschewing parasitism, and seizing opportunities for the rewards of cooperation, the long-term rewards of that cooperation, outweigh the short-term rewards of predation. And since the only means of maintaining the incentive to avoid predation and parasitism, is through limiting one’s actions to productive, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary transfers, limited to externalities of the same criteria. Then under this limitation, there can exist no incentive to abandon cooperation and the disproportionate returns on cooperation that makes prosperity possible. So this is Natural Law: Non-parasitism. Impose upon others no cost against that which they have constructed by the transformation of opportunity into possession, transformation of their possessions from one state to another, or transformation of ownership by productive, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary exchange, limited externalities of the same.”–

The Origin of the West: The Militia

A Constitution is nothing but a contract.

A contract is nothing without insurance.

That insurance is nothing but the militia.

That militia nothing but moral men bearing arms.”

The Dirty Secret of Western Civilization

—“The dirty secret of western civilization is that while we invented Sovereignty, Reciprocity, Natural Law, and Market Politics that in turn gave us reason and science, we started out as cattle raiders, pirates, and conquerors that profited from the incremental domestication of humans like we had horses before them. And all the ‘goods’ that we gave the world were an accidental byproduct of the only means of governing voluntary organizations of warriors, raiders, pirates, and conquerors: entrepreneurs.”—

There Are only Two Success Stories in History

–“There are only two success stories in history. The far west: a professional militia of kin that create markets, and the far east: a professional bureaucracy of kin that create monopolies. I have no idea why we even pay attention to the fertile crescent. it is an exercise in a professional class of liars (priests). Which is the worst of all possible worlds. Starting first with any technology is a disadvantage because of the cumulative network effect. The Chinese avoided religion altogether. The west was conquered by it and has tried repeatedly to escape it. Maybe this time we will be successful in replacing religion with Literature, the Oath, Sports, and Festivals.”–

Western Civilization Is a Technology and An Industry

–“Western Aristocracy is not a religion, or a philosophy, or a government – it is a technology and an INDUSTRY. And it is by use of this industry we have profited by dragging the beast man out of his parasitic past on the margins of nature – out of ignorance, mysticism, poverty, starvation, disease, labor, and suffering, an into the transcendent mastery of himself, nature, and increasingly, the universe. We domesticated the animal man for profit. It is our chief industry. It always has been. And the beasts have resisted us in every era. They prefer to feed on our farms, but not suffer our domestication.–

The Necessity Of Institutions: Rationality of Man

—“Man is rational. He is moral when it’s in his interests and immoral when it’s in his interests. This is Why we create institutions that make the immoral not in his interests.”—

Equality and Dysgenia

–“Equality is the means by which the worst among us shame us into advancing their genes at the expense of both us, and all future generations of man.”–

Controlling Direct Parasitism by Violence and Indirect Parasitism by Reproduction

–“Civilization was made possible by controlling woman’s reproduction as much as man’s violence. Property and Marriage were the methods of control. Both of which women have systematically voted to destroy over the past century.”–

We Can Look at It Both Ways

–“Have we failed to create equality through forcible redistribution? Or have we failed to constrain reproduction of the unproductive?”–

The Limit of Religious Freedom

–“Freedom of religion as a fundamental right is an incomplete rule, and as such a deception. There are no unlimited — unbounded – general rules. The limit of religious freedom that can exist as a fundamental right is compatibility with Natural Law. The only fundamental rights that are possible are those compatible with Natural Law, since it is Natural Law that is the cause of fundamental, necessary, natural, rights.”–

Second Great Lie

–“We couldn’t innovate the technology of truth fast enough to compensate for the rate at which they innovated in lying. Again, just as they distributed the First Great Lie: monotheistic mysticism, throughout Rome on the backs of women and slaves, using the pulpit and Roman roads. They distributed the Second Great Lie: pseudoscience, in the 19th and 20th centuries through women and ex-slaves using the Germanic printing press, advertising, radio, cinema, and television. ”–

The Vulnerability of the West and The Method of Undermining It

–“The empathy necessary for cooperation invites suggestion. The harder we work at cooperation, the more empathy we must expend. The more trusting a society, the more empathic a society must be. The more empathic a society the more vulnerable to suggestion. Suggestion and repetition are the source of political deception.”–

The Industrialization of Lying, and The Assembly Line of Fraud

“The Marxists Manufacturing Pseudoscience.

… The Frankfurt School manufacturing Propaganda;

… … The Academy Selling Diplomas as Class Indulgences;

… … … Mass Market Consumer Media selling Advertising;

… … … … The Majoritarian Democratic State selling Rents:

… … … … … Emancipated but Unregulated Women’s Urges;

… … … … … … The Assembly Line of Pseudoscientific Fraud.

The history of western civilization consists of the incremental suppression of parasitism from all walks of life by use of the unique, empirical, common, judge discovered natural law. Western Man domesticated himself just as he had plants and animals before. And both our aristocracy our people profited from the process. But, man was not exploited – he was domesticated from animal to a human through generations of cultural selection pressure and aggressive culling of malcontents and free riders.

Today’s underclasses and women love the consequential prosperity of that domestication but lie to themselves about the cause, so they still require institutional domestication to prevent them from harming the west by their impulses.

Critical Theory isn’t a science; it’s a fraud – just as monotheism was a fraud.

Both were manufactured to specifications of deceit most desired by women and the underclasses that have less ability to control their impulses: false promises of utopia – first in an afterlife, and second in the present.

Monotheism contributed to a dark age of ignorance by illiteracy and biblical propaganda. Pseudoscience beginning a dark age of ignorance by overloading reason and experience and history with pseudoscientific propaganda.”


The Market Demand for Falsehoods

The pseudo-sciences, pseudo-rationalisms, and super-naturalisms are all permanently desirable by the human mind, for both incoming and outgoing functions: (a) we desire the discount on reasoning provided by false certainties, and (b) we desire the discount that the false certainty provides in negotiation.

The Limit of Profit

—“The Morality of Profit Ends When One Consumes Normative, Cultural Institutional, and Genetic Capital – Because at that point one isn’t profiting from production, one is privatizing the commons. That’s theft. We can punish you for that you know.”—

A Parade of Thefts

—“Marxists want to steal everything and tell you what to do with it. Social Democrats want to steal the proceeds of your risk taking and tell you what they will do with it. Libertarians want to steal from the commons and tell you that you can’t have any. And conservatives want to prevent not only stealing but whatever consumption they can, and to direct it to investment in family and commons.”—

We Were Conquerors, Not Immigrants.

“Conquerors paid the high cost of conquest. Opportunists came to benefit from our conquest. And conquerors profited from attracting them, selling to them, lending to them, selling shares in the corporation we call the State to them.

Our families left us the profits of their conquest. Generation after generation they contributed to increasing it. And as is the tradition of western man, they expanded the franchise to not only those who conquered and invested, but those who merely were opportunists.

Then the opportunists rallied against us and expanded the numbers of those who not only were not conquerors, not only were not investors, not only were not, opportunists, but slaves, parasites and predators.

So no, we are not all immigrants. We are conquerors, investors, opportunists, renters, slaves, parasites, and predators.

Immigrants did not take and make this continent. The conquerors did, the investors did, the opportunists may have – but everyone else is just a customerand customers are either profitable desirable and retainable, or unprofitable, undesirable, and evict-able.

No equalities exist among humans. And when one uses language to conflate and aggregate, that which is different and particular, they are just lying – and in the case of stating we are all immigrants, this is not just a lie but a fraud.”

The Melting Pot that Isn’t

—“The only thing that melts in our non-existent melting pot, is rule of law. Everything else is just an expression of the ongoing battle between our genes that we call gender, class, race, and religious competition.”–

The Purpose Of The American System Of Government?

—“A mechanism for the division of spoils from the conquest of a continent. That’s it. That’s all there is to be said.

The origin of American prosperity? The sale of a conquered continent to generations of conquerors, and later customers we kindly call ‘immigrants’. That’s it. That’s all there is to be said.

There is nothing intrinsically good about Democracy. In history it always results in the same catastrophe. But as a means for the division of spoils, whether among pirates on a ship, conquerors of a continent, or a horde of immigrants seeking political power – its an effective means of distributing the spoils. That’s it. That’s all that there is to be  said.

The question is only whether any group decides that either the spoils are exhausted, or the division of current spoils is no longer in their interest. It is no longer in our interests. That’s it. That’s all that there is to be said.”—

The Only Obstacle To Compromise is Democracy

–“If the majority prefer voluntary servitude in exchange for security and the minority prefer liberty in exchange for responsibility, then what is the obstacle other than the monopoly of majority democracy that prevents us from achieving it?”–

The Purpose of Philosophy

—“The purpose of philosophy exists in the need for and identification of increasingly precise and therefore increasingly parsimonious means of decidability. A means of decidability remains imprecise, and we call that means of decidability a theory. The most parsimonious theory exists in correspondence with existential reality. We name that means of decidability we call a theory constructed in correspondence with reality, “Truth”. Over time, our search for parsimonious decidability causes the falsification of non-correspondent theories and replaces them with correspondent theories. As such, while the purpose of philosophy is to identify theories with which we obtain decidability, the consequence of the practice of philosophy is increasing correspondence with reality, and somewhat like Zeno’s tortoise, we approach the truth perpetually but never knowingly reach it because to do so is to state tautology: identity, the most perfect description that humans can possibly utter.”—

But We Say the Same Thing

De Benoist(French Moralism), Yarvin/Mencius erish Critique), Hoppe (German Rationalism), Buchanan (Anglo Empirical), Doolittle (Anglo juridical): We speak in the grammar, and semantics, of our cultures – but we say the same thing: Eugenics. Kin Markets Defeat Corporate Monopoly. The far east and the far west succeeded for the same reasons: eugenic civic orders of near kin. Genetic, Cultural, and Political pluralism. Multiculturalism is merely a deceit-word for monopoly, tyranny, and dysgenia. We have tried this experiment for thousands of years, and the evidence is clear. Nations that are the extension of the family create the best behavior, best culture, best polity, and best genes.

The Goal of Western Civilization

—“When all men are sovereign in-fact, we will have achieved the goal of western civilization: a distributed dictatorship of peers”—

Truth is Enough

—“Truth is Enough, if it is imposed by enough violence.”—

End the century of pseudoscience, propaganda, sophism, and deceit.

On Violence

The End of Hope

—“When there is no hope of persuasion we resort to trade; when no hope of trade, to separation; when no hope of separation, to violence.” 😉 —Curt Doolittle

A Wealth of Violence

“Freedom is created by, and maintained by, the use of violence – and a man’s capacity for violence is his political wealth. The veracity of the promise he will use his violence to create freedom, is met with the lack of his need to use it for any purpose whatsoever. It is a wealth sparely spent with high returns.“—Curt Doolittle

Power to Deny The Alternatives

“Liberty is not a question of right or permission. It is a question of the power to deny the alternatives.”— Curt Doolittle

A Precious Resource

—“Violence is a precious resource. We civilized the entire world using violence. That’s the history of civilization: the incremental suppression of parasitism through the organized application of violence.”—

Put Power to Sovereign or Un-sovereign Ends

—“Power exists because men are possible to coerce. Men can be coerced by Violence or Avoidance of Violence; Reward or Deprivation from Reward; or, Ostracization from, or Inclusion in, Opportunity and Insurance. One can put the power to coerce to either sovereign or un-sovereign ends. If one creates sovereignty with power then one puts it to moral ends – because there is no possibility for immoral use of power limited by sovereignty. 50 Power, like Violence, is amoral. One can put it to moral or immoral ends.” —

Neither Intrinsically Good Or Bad

—“Violence, like persuasion and competition, is not intrinsically good or bad. It can be put to good or bad ends, such as to preventing free-riding, or to create free-riding. Violence used to suppress free-riding is a virtue – agood, not a vice. So violence against a parasitic dysgenic state is an objective good.” —

Price Signals

—“Violence is the means of expressing the subjective evaluations not captured by price signals.” —- Eli Harman

It’s Natural

—“Killing? Training is required for killing? Men are super predators. They don’t need training – especially military training. Men have to be restrained from killing. Killing is so natural we need militaries, police forces, governments, laws, courts norms, traditions, of every kind to limit it to warfare.”—

Seize the Rare Opportunity

“My guns are for hunting: hunting Statists. Unfortunately, statist hunting seems to be limited to irregularly scheduled seasons. It’s unpredictable. But one must be prepared to seize the opportunity with fervor when it comes along. 😉 ”

Hanging Trees

—“Old growth forests of deciduous trees are especially precious — not just aesthetically, but for purely political reasons. You can hang a lot of people from them. And we need a lot of trees right now.”—

We Are Not Your Prey

—“All talk of equality is anti-human…Equality is for creatures that are food for other creatures. And we are not your prey – although you act like it.”– Curt Doolittle.

You Don’t Understand. A City Is Weak.

You think a city is a position of power? A city is a shopping mall with entrances and exits, and a very limited supply of goods. Don’t kid yourself. You are animals in a farm Democracy is just bait. A trap for wage slaves.

No, We Are Not Equal.

But once immersed in our language, our thought, our norms, our traditions, our science, our technology, our engineering, our medicine, our laws, our markets, our institutions – and thus prohibited from yours – your middle and upper classes can participate in a world that neither you nor they could create.

We alone have dragged humanity kicking and screaming out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, tedium, poverty, starvation, disease, child mortality, early death, the tyranny of theology, discretionary rule, the vicissitudes of nature, and a universe hostile to life.

We do not want your consent, your approval, your appreciation, or even your attention. We are the only men worthy of our own respect. But our tolerance for your interference has come to an end.

We delivered man from the darkness of ignorance. We delivered men from Abrahamic Dark Age of Superstition, and we shall now deliver man from the Second Abrahamic Dark Age of Pseudoscience.

And this enlightenment, even more than the rational, and empirical, will be met with equal resistance by those who profit from parasitism and deceit.

The difference is, we now know, that given the opportunity to join us among the gods. You will always choose poorly. And as such, are not men but beasts.

Your Nation Is The Best Loot Of All

—“A civil war will mean vast redistribution of assets from the political, bureaucratic, and financial classes to the entrepreneurial, managerial, middle, working, and laboring classes.

It will mean the process of civil war will result in booty for those who fight.

It will mean the restoration by restructuring of aristocratic, martial, meritocratic order of sovereign men.

It will mean restoration of the natural law of reciprocity of sovereign men.

It will mean an end to the predation upon our people.

But most of all, it will mean the restoration of ownership of our nation.

And that is the greatest prize of all.”–

( a revolution comes)

The Work Of Raising A Revolution

–“The majority of work necessary to raise a rebellion in the present context, is to (a) provide a moral license, a set of demands, a plan of execution, and a means of transition, (b) provide young men a method of profiting dramatically from their efforts, (c) provide the laboring, working, and middle classes a means of being rewarded for their compliance, (d) provide a modicum of leadership that gives them direction and license to act in their own and their people’s interests.

Sacrifice the financial, academic, media, and political classes in front of them like the French revolution and they’ll tune in for the show.”–

(A revolution comes.)

This Isn’t a Negotiation

You don’t understand. So let me help you.

Sovereignty resulting in Liberty isn’t just an abstract moral good.

It’s not just a more competitive political model because it adapts faster than all other models.

It’s not just the most eugenic and peaceful method of domesticating and evolving mankind from impulsive barbarian to rational human.

It’s not just western civilization’s reason for dragging humanity out of mysticism, ignorance, poverty, and disease.

It’s not just western civilization’s evolutionary strategy – the first tenet of western ‘religion’.

It’s that Sovereignty resulting in Liberty is the only condition under which we agree to refrain from conquering, dispossessing, enslaving, and if necessary, murdering you, your allies, your kith, and your kin.

While it is true that citizens and customers are cheaper to rule and more productive than slaves, serfs, and prisoners, it is far more preferable to return to universal warfare, rule, colonization, manorialism, and slavery, than it is to continue to permit you to commit your genocide against our people, our culture, and our civilization.

So perhaps you don’t understand. This isn’t a negotiation. This isn’t a compromise.

These are demands. We will restore our sovereignty, and leave you in peace, or we will conquer, enslave, and kill you and your ilk, until your consent is not longer relevant.

Never has a civilization been so fragile as this one, nor a people given so many reasons for revolution and heady murder.”—Curt Doolittle

Might Makes Right By Righting Wrongs

–“Might, in and of itself, does not determine right or wrong. But right is

always, and must be, constructed by the use of, or constraint, of might.

Those with might determine whether a condition of right or wrong exists

or not Everyone else merely has the permission of those with might.”–

Shall, Not Should

—“I am not interested in should. I am interested in shall. Not in persuasion but compliance. Not in tolerance but in exit. Not in compromise but in defeat.”—


The Only Way To Avoid Civil War

–“The only way to avoid a civil war, is by making it inevitable – and of such terror that moral compromise is preferable to the consequences.”–