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About The Propertarian Institute

About Curt Doolittle

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About The Propertarian Institute

What’s The Propertarian Institute?

A Think Tank. What does that mean? A group of experts providing advice and ideas on specific political or economic problems. Or more honestly, a non-profit organization that raises money to support experts who produce ideas, and to publish and promote their ideas.

What’s The Propertarian Institute’s Mission?

  1. Train and organize a number of talented people capable of altering the public discourse by daily contributions to the “info-sphere” using propertarian, testimonial, and market government arguments.
  2. To publish The Law of Nature (Book), Produce educational videos, Produce a quarterly Journal, and to Produce Conferences on Western Civilization through the lens of Natural Law.
  3. To raise enough money to fund a small number of people full time, operating from the lower cost economy of Ukraine.
  4. To conduct Formal Courses and issue Degrees in Natural Law that are equivalent to but superior to existing law degrees.
  5. To organize a series of movements for the reformations of the Academy, The Law, Banking, Government, and Religion as aggressively as the movements that deformed them.
  6. To restore Western Civilization to the cult and culture of Sovereignty, governed by Natural Law of Sovereigns.

In other words, to reverse the damage of the Marxists and the Frankfurt School in this era, and the forcible closure of the stoic schools in the ancient era.

What Are The Near Term Plans for the Institute?

Our current mission is to:

  • Produce three courses of videos: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced.
  • Publish the Law of Nature in hardcover and softcover forms.
  • (Yes you can contribute to the cause)

About Curt Doolittle

How Can I Reach You?

The best way is the contact page because it shows up immediately in my email.

I use Facebook as my working journal so I am pretty much always online. It’s my preferred method of communicating – if we are ‘friends’. Otherwise contact me here because Facebook filters out messages from people who aren’t ‘friends’.

Will you Answer an Email, do a Group Chat, Podcast, Presentation, or Media Interview?

It’s our job. 🙂  Of course we’ll talk to you, a group of friends, your audience, the media, or a meeting or conference.  We just have a few asks, so that we are prepared for the topic.

Contact us on the Contact Page and…

  • Tell us a bit about your audience, so that we understand what level of experience we’re talking to.
  • Tell us a bit about what questions you’d like to ask, so we can customize what we will say to your frame of reference.
  • Tell us your Time Zone. We are no good in the middle of the night.
  • Give us a day or two’s notice so that we can make a few notes.

What’s Your Background?

Curt’s Background

• My family is old, Bretton, Norman, and English. And my ancestors were Puritans from central England. Early residents or founders of the New Haven colony, Wallingford, Middletown and rabid members of the revolution – a long history of anti-statism.

• My father grew up a quite privileged New England protestant, and my mother was a naive French Catholic girl who was the daughter of Maine potato farmers. And while I have maintained a Catholic idealism, my intellectual sensibilities are protestant.

• I grew up in a small, idyllic, Mennonite farm town in western New York whose Victorian artistry is frozen in 1914.

• I was born on the very edge of the autistic spectrum with Asperger’s mild impediment to empathy, and a deeper case of the Autistic’s obsessive thinking – such that, put to good use, it is a benefit to me much more so than a handicap – I view it as a ‘gift’. But in childhood, I paid the usual social price of being ‘different’ (a nerd). And I have had a very difficult time ‘taming’ that obsessive gift. I try to help fellow aspies understand themselves when possible.

• As a child I read encyclopedias – often multiple times. The neutral point of view appealed to my autistic sensibilities. I think scientifically because I have no other choice really. Empathy is pretty useless for me. I had to make due with loyalty.

• I did reasonably well in school, and enjoyed it, but found I operated much better if I worked at my own pace which is somewhat slower than that of my peers. Since that time I have learned that many of us in philosophy share this very ‘skeptical’ and pensive method of functioning.  The continental academy is more suitable to the autistic mind than the American which is more concerned with social integration into the empire than learning.

• I started working early, at age ten or younger. I loved working. I still love working. 14 or 18 hours a day if I can.

• My father was an intelligent but alcoholic man and a violent tyrant who felt he’d underachieved (he had).

• I was in multiple fights – usually at the bus stop – every month for most of my childhood. They only stopped when I matured early and became a little more dangerous to tangle with.  The guy who was my nemesis was killed by police after murdering a woman and her husband in the 80’s.

• I grew up feeling that I must protect myself and others – particularly women – from evil. I’m sympathetic that Alexander and Napoleon are the products of mothers under duress.

• If you know me personally, I am, like most Aspies, a rather gentle, generous, and happy hamster.

That is all the explanation that is necessary to understand me in a nutshell. And I put it out in public to remove it from the table.

• I studied fine art, art history and art theory, a little political science, as well as some electronic engineering in college. But it’s art theory and art history that has framed my thinking about mankind.

• While I treat my art education as a precious foundation of my soul, I feel the great mistake I made in life was in not joining the philosophy department, or the literature department, when asked. I was too concerned with making a living. I was too ignorant to understand the possibilities.

• Self study is far more effective for me than organized education. I need to and enjoy thinking deeply about ideas and relating them to one another.

• My goal was, since the age of 12, to make enough money to write (or create art) full time.

• I have been a principal or founder of ten companies, almost all involving the use of technology to solve various business problems. I am very good at what I do. And prior to the crash in 2008 I think I had a reputation of one of the better regional CEO’s. But my inability to control my board and partners while at the same time retaining my loyalty to them harmed that reputation.

• I’ve had cancer twice and two secondary infections that almost killed me, so I tend to have a very one-day-at-a-time view of life, and I feel that I need to fulfill my philosophical goals.

• I have had all the toys (Porsches, Ferrari, Jaguar, multiple homes, world travel, etc.). And I don’t particularly care for them any longer. I just care that I can write full time.

• So in 2012 I sold everything, moved to Ukraine, and I split my time between writing and product development. And that combination I find fulfilling. Writing is too solitary for me, and business is too enjoyable.

• I work with much younger people, and I live like them, and mostly I think like them. Age is a choice. I live and work like I am 25 and I hope that never changes again.

• I started keeping a blog in the early 00s when I decided that I had to improve my writing skills.  In 2009 or so I started using FB as a sketchpad as an experiment. Partly to ensure that I didn’t write in my inner voice. It worked.

• I do my work in public like a medieval street vendor. It turns out that people like watching the progress. I find their encouragement, objections and criticisms helpful. And it makes the work less isolating.

• I wake up and write immediately without thinking of anything else. Some days are fluid and some are less so. When I am done writing (usually around noon) I go to the office and work until 7 or 8pm. Come home, eat, and then work a little – reading economics blogs and papers. I don’t really watch media any longer. But I really like crash and fail videos before bed. 🙂

Q&A: “Curt, Aren’t You Worried About Your Public Presence?”


I am an American citizen. I live in Ukraine. I have been writing patriotic advocacy since the early 1980s. I have an employee record as a member of the justice department, a long tax history, a long business entrepreneurship history, and a contract with ‘the state department’ for certain unspecified services for which I would not have been permitted if I was other than a patriot.

I use my real name. I say everything in the open. My objective is patriotic and in defense of the constitution. My purpose is to restore that constitution to its original intent by providing the means of strictly constructing natural law. I do not participate in or encourage direct action only counsel on what I understand is a deterministic future conflict due to deterministic, uncontrollable, conflicts of interest.

I don’t ‘hate’ on anyone – I criticize all peoples equally. And I have done all this intentionally. When dam is going to break of its own natural accord, some of us plan for it, some of us scribe it so it breaks where its optimum, and some of us figure out what to do with the pressure released, so that it produces some form of good.

I am absolutely certain that a very large percentage of the population will at least appreciate, if not advocate, the legal, political, and economic solutions I recommend -and that any who don’t, will self-select as identifiable criminals engaged in conspiracy and fraud – even if only conspiracy and fraud of ignorance and convenience.

Q&A: “Curt, Are you sick?“ (Because of how your voice sounds?)

I have allergy induced asthma – mostly to pollens, preservatives, and things that are fermented. So I use an inhaler. The inhaled particles that carry the steroids that reduce the inflammation in your lungs, also land on your vocal cords on the way in, and affect them.

So when I‘m tired, dehydrated, and my asthma is bothering me, you can really hear it in my voice. And that‘s what you sometimes hear on the interviews. I‘m actually fine.  (If you get me really going though, I have all the passion and fury of my Puritan ancestors thumping the bible of righteousness just before they go to war. 🙂 )

I have had a number of very serious illnesses in the past due to overdoing it, but my health has improved dramatically after leaving America and its preservatives behind.

Thanks for asking.  🙂