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An Intellectual, Economic, and Political Reformation With Solutions To The Great Crisis Of Our Age


Truth was enough to create The West. And Truth is enough to restore and preserve it.

Reverse the postwar industrialization of lying, and restore truth in public speech, whether commercial, economic, political, or intellectual.

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    What is Natural Law?

    "We teach the Strictly Constructed Natural Law of Self Determination. Self determination requires Individual Sovereignty. Individual Sovereignty requires Reciprocity in display, word, and deed. Deciding Reciprocity in Display, word, and deed requires a logic of doing so. That logic requires a formal logic, or what is called a Formal Science of Law. Strictly Constructed Natural Law we call "P-Law" provides that formal science. P-Law provides us with scientific law. The foundation of that Law is a formal methodology. That methodology completes of the Scientific Method. We use that Methodology by applying it to the totality of human knowledge. The result of that application is a universally commensurable language across all disciplines. We can then use that universally commensurable language as a system of measurement. We use the langauge and logic to define Natural Law; Embody it in the Common Law. And in a Constitution produced under that Law. And to deduce and produce a set of policies to correct abuses of our people. And as a consequence the eradication of parasitism upon our people by superstition, pseudoscience, sophism, fraud, and deceit by harms to the commercial, financial, economic, political,and informational commons. And by that reformation we create the restoration of the uniqueness of western civilization and its unlimited rewards for ourselves - and mankind."

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    Arm your Body, Mind, and Soul for the war to save your people, your civilization, and mankind.

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    The Founding Principle of The United States Constitution, the British Constitution, Germanic, Roman, and Greek Law, and the Western Indo European People Is Simple:

    “Man’s Self-Determination by A Universal Militia, Granting One Another Sovereignty and Reciprocity in Display, Word, and Deed, Regardless of Cost, in Exchange for Reciprocal Insurance of That Sovereignty and Reciprocity, in Display, Word, and Deed Regardless Cost, Thereby Limiting All to Productive and Voluntary Cooperation in Markets in Association, Cooperation, Production, Reproduction, Commons, Polities, and War;  diverting the proceeds to the production of commons, creating the most rapid adaptation, innovation, and evolution possible by man, at the cost of constraining the reproduction of the unproductive, thereby Producing a Distributed Dictatorship of Individually Sovereign People and the Power to Deny Power To Any and All.”

    And with this simple rule of sovereignty and reciprocity in display, word, and deed we have dragged mankind kicking and screaming out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, suffering, child mortality, early death, the chaos of nature, in a brief period of geologic peace, brief period of solar peace, and brief period of galactic peace. In just a few centuries in the ancient world, and a few in the modern.

    A Very Special Thanks

    Mr. Robert Coleman of Chapel Hill Australia has gracefully sponsored the Institute’s Online costs for 2019.

    What People Say

    Quotable opinions from the field.

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    Jack Sandusky

    —“The greatness of the movement IMO is the ability to have dialogue with young men such as myself who have tended to lean far left due to ghetto upbringing. You allow men such as myself to slowly step into the fold and move to the center without being attacked and forced to defend. One million baby steps will produce 10,000 men ready to lead when needed.”—


    Nick Dalheim

    —“Why is Curt Doolittle the coolest law professor you never had in our horrid universities? Because he’s always holding court. Class is always in session. And he is equally humorous, demanding, brutal, compassionate, and reasonable. The law schools teach you sophistry and pomo pilpul….With Curt, you learn the Natural Law…….”—

    Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 1.15.47 PM

    Eli Harman

    –“I don’t want the most productive economy or the most innovative society. I want a secure Homeland for my posterity. Japan has lingering economic woes but in 100 years it’ll still be Japan, and still full of Japanese. China has massive social problems, and probable upheavals looming, but in 100 years it’ll still be China, and full of Chinese. Even Mexico, in 100 years, will still be Mexico, and still full of Mexicans. I can’t say anything like that about my country or my people. Because we’ve been targeted for demographic destruction, and worse yet, too many of us are complicit, for trivial short-term boons.”–


    Curt Doolittle


    “We are the the most important intellectual movement of the era – the ‘Marxism’ of the 21st century – and it’s complete refutation and inversion: the replacement of the pseudosciences, sophisms, frauds, and deceits of abrahamism, marxism, postmodernism, and feminism – with the restoration of western civilization’s tradition of excellence, truth, duty, beauty, sovereignty, and the natural law of reciprocity.

    And we are just getting started.”

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